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  • I just realized that my browser/mouse/whatever was not letting me right-click and open a link in Stash, in a new tab. Is this expected behavior? Given that stash is designed to be web links, I'd think that I'd be able to do this. My mouse works fine with right clicks on all other links.

    I'm on O20.

  • You're right. In the best of all worlds, it would do it, as it's simpler to envision that.

    Still, either open tab with click on tab button (or a control t), then from that newly opened speed dial, click on stash, and open your link. It's 3 clicks, or a control t and two clicks). If you were on speed dial, it would take 3 clicks to do the same. One click to open stash, a right click on the stash tab to get the context menu to open in a new tab, and then a click to do that.

    So you can roughly do it in the same time (with the same work).

  • OK, I can live with an extra click. SD is still one click less (hit new tab button, then click on a SD link, but of course those are two separate services. At least now you've confirmed that there isn't something wrong with my configuration.

  • lol there's an easier way.

    Ctrl+click (+Shift if you want a foreground tab).

  • I have used plenty of keyboard shortcuts in MS Word and even when typing/using a browser, but for some reason, I never got into ctrl/shft+clicks.

  • Stash should be allowed to have the same context menu as on webpages. We should also be able to examine the stashed screenshot, open it in a new tab, copy or save (truly stash when needed, outside of Opium).

  • Middle clicking isn't that difficult, boys.

  • I use Windows 7, and Middle Clicking on a link gets me snapshot squares (wrong words but I can't think of the right one-ones) of Web pages (applications?) open, and also the Windows home page. Click on one of these small squares and you go there. It does not open the link in a new foreground tab).

    And the problem with Control +click ( + shift) is unless you're a geek (smile) (apologies Rafaelluik) is it's too hard to remember. Having a right click context menu is more intuitive. Hopefully, later renditions of Opera will do some of this intuitive/non-geek stuff.

  • Having a right click context menu is more intuitive.

    Try telling that to the Mac crowd.

  • @lem729 No problem... I haven't said a context menu shouldn't be implemented though. 😉