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Opera TV Store - retail device list

  • hello, what about the Sony Bravia KDL-55HX920 ?

  • Can anyone help me.
    I bought a Sony Blu-Ray Disc DVD Player Dec 30th 2014. BDP-S1200
    Set it up,
    I now receive this error:
    opera tv store error 503 service unavailable 541331154

    What do I do?

    Help is appreciated.

    Thank You

  • Let me pile on here as I have a very similar problem with a Sony Bravia (KDL-48W600B) smart tv. Many other web applications work just fine but when I try and launch the Opera TV Store app i too receive the "tv store error 503 service unavailable 541471175".

    Any assistance to get Opera TV store (then Plex app) to load would be appreciated.

  • The Plex app does not show up in the Opera Store on my Sony BDP-S790. Can anyone help?

  • It seems I have the same problem as everyone else I have a Sony KDL-60R510A I select a movie, hit play and got sent back to my TV mode

  • The Plex app does not show up in the Opera Store on my SONY 65S90005B.

    Plex does not work to tv SONY 65S90005B.

  • I have a SONY KDL 40W605B TV of the year 2014. I downloaded Plex in Opera Store. You must have the signature Plex Pass, Plex was not to have signed the Pass, was to be direct unsigned.

    Tenho uma TV SONY KDL 40W605B do ano 2014. Fiz o download do Plex no Opera Store. Tem que ter assinatura do Plex Pass, O Plex não era pra ter assinatura do Pass, era pra ser direto sem assinatura.

  • have a SONY KDL 40W605B TV of the year 2014. I downloaded Plex in Opera Store. You must have the signature Plex Pass, Plex was not to have signed the Pass, was to be direct unsigned.

    I guess you have to ask Plex.

  • Opera TV Store is seriously awesome for us TiVo users... Now that Plex is coming to Opera it's even better...but even though both the Series 4 and 5 TiVos are listed and I am a Plex Pass owner, I can't find the Plex client in the Opera TV Store. Has any TiVo users found Plex on their TiVo Opera TV Store?

  • Can the Plex Add-on be available on the Samsung HT-4500 Home Theatre System? If this is already available, how can it be installed?

  • Will this operatv os be ever avaliable on LG TVs?

  • Any chance for Hisense tvs that have the opera store getting plex?

  • I am having some issues, mt TV is on the list, it has Opera and I have installed the PLEX app. I have a paid PLEX account and log in using it.
    The PLEX app offers me the choice of using the app or launching the browser.
    In the Browser mode I can play all content so I know there are no communication problems.

    My issue occurs when I attempt to use the app itself not the browser, the apps has advantages e.g Themed menus. In the browser I have to zoom on the page or it occupies only 1/4 of my screen.
    When I attempt to use the app it tells me there is an error and appears that it cannot communicate with the media server.

    For me this would not be a huge problem but for my elderly mother it is a hassle and makes the whole thing too hard.

    Anyone have any solutions they can offer me? some magic button that says "WORK NOW" would be amazing 🙂

  • i want to know if the sony 2015 bluray players are supported. cause i get the bdp-s4500

    but as far as i read elsewhere it works.. but confirmation would be nice.

  • Yes it is. This is .. . Our Opera TV Store - retail device list to see it. . . Take your time do not worry,,,,,,, we always welcome any time of your arrival

  • really? last week when i checked i dont found the app. or is it temp deactivated?

    and there is still no supported sony blurayplayers 2015 in the list..

  • what about the Sony KDL-55HX800? Interestingly the KDL-55HX750 and KDL-55HX850 are listed but not the KDL-55HX800.

  • I just installed a new Samsung BD-J5900 BluRay player, which shows an icon for the Opera TV Store, but when I attempt to open it, the response is: "We are sorry but your device is not supported."

    The device is on this list, so I'm puzzled why I can't get to the Opera app. Samsung support was not able to provide a solution, after going through the normal library of fixes, restart, upgrade FW, factory reset, etc., except to tell me it was probably an Opera problem.

    My primary reason for my purchase was to use the Digital Concert Hall app, which the Samsung website indicated would be available, and I'm hoping that app is part of the Opera Store library for my device. Any help will be appreciated. If I can't solve the problem, I'll have to return the player as defective.

  • I have KDL-48W600B Sony TV Plex is not working I have ipad I purchased Plex $5 dollars I watch movies I like to watch it on big TV why plex not working please help and I have Apple TV that do not have plex on it either. Can someone tell me why plex do not work on my Sony TV