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  • Hello,

    is there any way that on speed dial and bookmarks was visible logo of my own website?

    i mean, where i click new card tab or view bookmarks there is a lot of suggestions with site logo eg. groupon, youtube, leroy merlin.

    Sometimes when i save some bookmarks there is a logo too.

    Is there any option to viewing logo of my site when someone add it to bookmarks?

    sorry for my english 🙂

  • Welcome to Opera forums @Aseed85!

    If you mean the domain / site name and a background color, when you add a favorite and the thumbnail appears, there are arrows on each side to select the image, if you go to the left you will see the one you are referring to (if I understand correctly).

  • No no,

    i mean i want to view my site logo when someone somewhere in the world will add my website to bookmarks or speeddial..

    Look on image below:


    There is a gazeta.pl ceneo booking.com aliexpress etc

    all of them have a image logo, but next to the folder (youtube, facebook) before "add site" button are my site named "dmfotografia.pl" where is default orange background and simply text.

    And i want to make this default icon customized like this: (see below)


    So finally i wanna add my icon like default image when for example You, or someone else will add my site to speed dial.

    Sorry 4 my english, but i try explain it one more time.

    So, I dont want to change image manually
    I want my image was always there when someone, anyone in the world will add my site to speeddial.

  • all of them have a image logo,

    Those sites probably have some partnership with Opera so their logos show up.

    I don't know if there is a way for other sites to have their logos used.

  • No no,
    i mean i want to view my site logo

    Sorry, I don't use the default bookmarks, didn't realize about the Logo, despite i read it on your first post.

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