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@leocg complete shit brain idiot

  • Hello.
    My user account is "ajdeneka" and I was having a really good time here on those forums until this idiot @leocg decided to go nuts yesterday.

    So lets go chronologically, yesterday I opened suggestion/request topic in Opera Mini subforum, as per rules for suggestions/requests for Opera Mini.
    I had 3 requests: inverted colors display, AMOLED skin, better sign in form experience, and I explained them very good. So those 3 requests are for Opera Mini.

    Then I opened another suggestion/request topic in Suggestion box subforum, as per rules for Opera for Windows.
    I had 2 requests: inverted colors display, AMOLED skin, and I explained them little bit different because those aren't for Android OS but for Windows on tablets, and of course those aren't for Opera Mini but for Opera for Windows.

    But then this @leocg decided to close my first suggestion/request topic, that I opened in Opera Mini subforum, claiming that it was duplicate of this second opened for Windows, which it wasn't. I thought he didn't see correctly and he thought it was 2 times same thread, so I opened it again and explained that it is for different Opera browsers and one topic has 3 and another 2 requests, different OS and different Operas. But apparently he smoked some bad stuff so he decided to close it again and he was claiming that I broke rules "Don't post the same thing more >than once", which I didn't, because although 2 out of 3 request are same, are actually for different Opera and for different OS. That of course makes that 2 requests not the same, but this maniac went even further and he ban me after posting it again and explaining very precisely why it isn't duplicate/same thing.

    Please if there is any mod/admin here that didn't smoke some bad shit, remove my ban and unlock closed topic.
    Or you are going to stand by this idiot and start closing/deleting all topics/posts which may have same/similar requests/discussions/whatever, but are actually for completely different Operas and OSs.

  • Your attitude, including opening this topic, just proves that I was right when I banned you.

    You posted the almost exactly same thing about inverted colors and amoled skin on two different places and this is against the rules. And when I closed one of the posts pointing out that it was a duplicate, you started to act like a spoiled child opening new topics wit the same content again.

    BTW, this account was banned too because, you know.