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[Suggestion] inverted colors display, AMOLED skin, better sign in form experience (NOT DUPLICATED)

  • This topic is not duplicated. Those are 3 requests regarding Opera Mini for Android smartphones, and in other topic there are 2 requests regarding Opera for Windows, on tablets. Thank you.

    As we all know lot of big smartphone manufacturers are using AMOLED displays in their flagship devices and also some other, smaller brands are following the trend. To make long story short, hex black color (#000000) pixels on AMOLED screen are turned off, thus they don't use battery at all. Other dark pixels, if they are not hex black are not turned off but they also save a lot of battery. Darker the color, bigger the battery savings. Because of that I have following requests:

    • inverted colors display
      This is by far most important feature in order to save battery while surfing, and it also improves visibility outdoors without increasing brightness. Most webpages have white background and black text, and by using this feature it automatically invert colors meaning we would have white text on black backgorund. Here: you can see webpage opened in Lightning Browser in inverted colors mode, it is "smart" enough not to invert photos or videos. Huge battery savings there.

    • AMOLED skin
      Lot of browsers has this and I think Opera should have it too, it should be fairly easy to make one as it is very similar to existing black theme. Please take a look here: - this is Puffin browsers dark theme, Lightning browser AMOLED theme is almost identical. Dark grey adress bar background and little bit lighter grey for url/search letters. Actually when you are typing letters are white so that you can clearly see, and when you hit enter they become grey. Everything else is hex black color (#000000). So much better on eyes and battery too.

    Those 2 suggestions combined, could save up to 30% battery while surfing. This fact alone should be more than enough to start working on them, no to mention that AMOLED phones are present and future, and also tablets will follow. (Samsung already have AMOLED tablets).

    • better sign in form experience
      Keyboard still covering most of sign in forms, 1st screenshot is Opera Mini, 2nd is Lightning browser. See how Lightning browser pushes sign in form above keyboard so that you can actually see what you are writing. That would be much better and very useful.
      Hoping to get some feedback from developers.

    And not to forget, thank you for great browser and your hard work! To me, it is almost perfect, much better UI than others.

  • Don't post the same thing more >than once.