(Opera Mail) Command to press Add Rule Button

  • Hello,

    What is the command of going to hit & press the " Add Rule " button if I've finished in-put in the Name field ?

    I know about focus next wideget but sometime my blank rules are different numbers of item so that adding how many focus next widget is not work in this situation.

    Is there a " go to end widget " or sort of like so that to focus to " Add Rule " button without care how many Blank rules ?

    Thank you very much.

  • Add Opera Mail on subject to clarify and https://forums.opera.com/post/111223

    If edit the title right now it's not possible, add his name after at to acknowledge him.

    About the question, don't have the answer.

    To be faster: A question for you @Burnout426

  • If you need to have something on your post edited after the time for it has passed, just flag/report your own post and on the space to write the reasons for be reporting the post, explain what you want to be changed.

    Just notice that it should be used as an exceptionality.

  • Hello,

    If anyone who have spare time to my question so I can know what is the command I can sort this please.

    Thanks in advance

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