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Used new Opera for 2 weeks: much worse than I thought!

  • While I was actually very satisfied with Opera for Android, with the new interface I have spent the whole day yesterday trying new browsers:

    1. It keeps a useless non-private tab open at all times, which can't be closed and is mostly useless.

    2. When opening a new tab, instead of seeing options for opening items from History and Bookmarks, the only thing available is the addressbar. If I want to see something more, I need to switch to that first tab.

    3. The addressbar, which in the old version displayed suggestions based on what you typed, now only displays suggestions it wants. For example, if I had the website "" in my bookmarks, after typing "ex" I could click on the "" suggestion. Now, the suggestions totally ignores what the user types.

    4. There are two toolbars now, which waste more space, which is precious in a mobile, while not providing any more features.

    5. If I scroll down and the page goes fullscreen, many times I'm unable to get out of fullscreen, so I cannot switch tabs because the button is hidden.

    6. Sync used to work nice, now I just can't trust it anymore. Sometimes I can see the history and open tabs from other devices, sometimes nothing appears.

    7. Turbo can now be disabled only by going through the settings dialog.

    8. The old interface was overall organized. In the new, finding anything is hard and frustrating.

    The best suggestion I can give is to totally ditch the new interface and come back to the old one. This situation is totally different from there was the switch from Presto, because we know how hard is to keep a whole rendering engine well maintained. But this new design was really just change for the sake of change!

    Please you, don't ignore us users anymore, and maybe create polls in the forums before deciding on major changes! If there are some things that users enjoyed in this latest update (which I honestly doubt), switch back to the old interface and then implement them gradually one by one, but only the ones that you let the users vote before!

  • Please use the pinned topic to discuss about the new Opera for Android versions.