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Turning VPN OFF causing page loading problems

  • Having done some searching, I haven't seen this problem mentioned before. In short, everything is fine and dandy for browsing with the VPN enabled and on. Where it goes wrong is if I turn it off and disable it in settings (I have tried doing just one "switch off", for example just switching off at the blue VPN button and it makes no difference to whether the problem occurs or not.)

    So, with many sites I click to load and get this after ten seconds or longer of the page trying to load:

    It's random but very, very frequent. One of two things will happen 99% of the time. After a few seconds of that error appearing the pages then loads normally of its own accord. If not, me clicking the reload brings the page up.

    I've tried every combination of LAN setting that seems to be available and my firewall is configured to allow Opera, as per the error message suggestions; I've deleted all my history; rebooted etc. so what could it be? Do I need to flush some network setting when I turn off the VPN?

    I'm running Opera 43.

    Version:43.0.2442.806 (PGO) - Opera is up to date
    Update stream: Stable
    System: Windows 8.1 64-bit

  • have same OS same version of Opera same symptoms, Though I don't use VPN much. Problem arrived with v43 and if page takes more than a couple of secs to load the "Can't find" screen comes up followed by the desired web page a few seconds later.

  • To add some further information to this - and maybe kiwikris can look at this as well - but the problem occurs in Chrome as well. However, Firefox doesn't generate the problem. Pages load, no errors so what is different about Chrome/Opera that causes page rendering issues that Firefox doesn't suffer from?

  • Sounds like a Chromium specific issue then. As to what's different: routing issues, or lack of cleaning up of those, seems a logical assumption. So: the moment you turn the VPN on your browser needs to know that all data is relayed (so it's using a proxy). I could imagine that something goes wrong when de-initializing this so that the routing is kept while the VPN is down.

    That would most likely also cause the time-out (which is the error here).

    Note: just an assumption on my end obviously.

  • Did you try cleaning third part data?

  • @leocg, I'm not sure if that box was ticked when I did the history clearing I mentioned in the OP. I honestly can't recall so I have done just that and will monitor and report back.

    The VPN in Opera is still switched off and the number of incidences has dropped markedly over the last day or so. 🆙

  • Well, things have got worse and worse from a usability perspective since the previous post and now I'm done, which is a huge shame. It's no longer usable for me. The page rendering errors returned with a vengeance, as did issues with images not being displayed on pages when (if) they loaded and formatting issues on pages.

    I'm making this entry on Chrome because Opera has now become unusable, I couldn't even get this forum to load properly! O.O

    I have reset Opera to default. No good. Complete uninstall/reinstall. Worse. All the old problems plus the added bonus of the new install refusing to copy over my passwords and logons from either my existing browsers or html backups I took.

    Very frustrating, to say the least. I wanted to move away from Firefox and I'm not keen on Chrome - Opera seemed the answer to my prayers. Nice features, fast, light, everything was great at first. Then I turned off the VPN/proxy feature and it all started to go progressively more and more wrong.

    Perhaps I'll try a previous version and see how that behaves.

  • There is any difference if you disable hardware acceleration?

  • "There is any difference if you disable hardware acceleration?"

    @leocg, I don't think so. That is something I did do at some stage in the battle but did not see any effect one way or another.

    I have now downgraded to V40.0.2308.54 and will monitor how that goes. One enraging part of this was realising Opera was auto-updating and "upgrading" to v43, thereby thwarting my attempts to do further diagnostics. X/

    I note a past post you have made about companies not wanting users on old versions and I can understand that but it was like pulling teeth killing the auto-update. It really shouldn't be anything other than a toggle On/Off option, set as On by default.

    Thus far, other than the built-in adblocker screwing the format of this page, things seem to be OK. I will not be using the Opera VPN but will, after some running under normal conditions, use my own commercial VPN - assuming I don't hit the same issues with this version.

    EDIT. Just as I tried to post this I got the page not loading problem again. I'll turn off hardware acceleration now and if the problem is not resolved by that I'm done. I'd don't have the time to spend or the will to expend on a browser that won't work on a basic level. I'll uninstall and go back to Firefox.

  • Read the Frequently Asked Questions (Opera for Windows) and test with Clean profile

  • I have created a clean profile already. I have done an entirely clean install of v40 and it seems I'm somehow locked into having to use a VPN to prevent the page loading/rendering issues.

    I am not using the Opera VPN - that is turned off. I am using my commercial VPN solution and it seems to be preventing the problems from occuring. If I disconnect my own VPN it throws up the same issues as when I turned off the Opera VPN. Unfortunately, It leaves me in the situation of a) Having to use a VPN whether I want to or not. b) Still not having any idea why I have to do so or what is causing the issue.

  • OK, I've solved the problem, thanks.
    Well, when I say solved the VPN issue is still there, the page rendering is still to shit - as is the page display format - but happily it's all made me realise my complaints with Firefox were relatively trivial. So I went back to a browser that I can actually browse the net with, even if it is a CPU-intensive.

    Maybe I'll come back in a year and see what that iteration of Opera is offering - maybe it will actually be a workable, functioning browser.