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Various problems since last update.

  • My current version: 43.0.2442.806 (PGO)
    AddOns: Currently all disabled


    suddenly, since the last update I'm experiencing many different issues.

    a) I lost all of my bookmarks which I could recreate (by copying some backup file). I use the bookmark toolbar exclusively. After the update, every single bookmark on there was gone. And, no, I don't synchronize anything either.

    b) On various websites, functions that used to work don't work anymore. Example:

    On this page ...

    ... at the bottom of the page, two comments and several related posts should be visible. Only on Opera, there is ... absolutely nothing. (Other browsers this works on (always latest version: Chrome, Firefox, Vivaldi, Internet Explorer)

    c) In forums which require me to press a button to see hidden private content, I suddenly get redirect notices which were previously hidden. Very annoying. Before the update, a small circle would show next to the button I pressed letting me know that the browser was reloading the post. Then it would show the content. Now it goes to a redirect page and then reloads the original page with the opened private content. Something must have changed in Opera as the minute before the update, this worked flawlessly.

    And, and, and. There was more, but I cannot remember.

    As mentioned above, all the addons are disabled.

    What irks me about these silent background updates is that I have absolutely no idea where these problems suddenly originate from. All I can say is that my installation of Opera has been stable for months with absolutely nothing added or changed. The last time I changed settings must have been in September or October last year. The addons currently not activated were all installed on the first day of usage, nothing was added since. Cahe has been cleared, etc. The only thing I haven't tried is creating a new profile as I don't think the above problems should have anything to do with that.

    These past months or so I had made Opera my default browser and was very happy, but now I've already spent 4 or 5 hours trying to get the above to work. Very annoying.

  • at the bottom of the page, two comments and several related posts should be visible. Only on Opera, there is ... absolutely nothing.

    I can see the comments - the second one seems to be a reply to the first one - as well as a 'leave a reply' form and a 'related' section.

  • Thanks.

    While this post was in moderation, I fixed most issues (I think) by a complete and clean reinstall of Opera.

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