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How to Disable Redirect

  • I have Opera ver 42.0
    Several websites I visit have "ca" added as a prefix or suffix to the address.
    How can I disable this automatic redirect.
    Thank you.

  • There is no such option as far as I know.

    And I don't think it's something done by the browser.

  • I have Opera ver 42.0
    Several websites I visit have "ca" added as a prefix or suffix to the address.
    How can I disable this automatic redirect. ...

    In Olde Opera (12.18), you could readily disable redirection, and I have a toolbar button on mine for just that purpose. Unfortunately, that capability doesn't really help in getting a user to the originally-sought URL without being redirected elsewhere, since the redirection normally occurs in the original website's server (or by DNS poisoning at the DNS server pinged by the user's browser/OS). Disabling redirection in the browser simply pauses the redirection process in its tracks, leaving the user with a textual information message on his screen and a clickable URL for the new or next URL to which he would be sent. In other words, you don't ever get to the originally-sought URL by blocking redirection, if that is your purpose. Of course, blocking redirection does have some usefulness in halting redirection to a malicious site if the originally-sought site has been hacked, but that's not a typical occurrence, and most users wouldn't recognize such a specific situation as being malicious if it occurred.

    Among other things, I use 12.18 specifically for testing auto-redirections to analyze the various URL steps along the path (sometimes there are numerous redirections involved), in cases where there are problems getting a site to respond correctly in other browsers or where certain https cert issues arise due to poorly-implemented redirection.

  • We could talk about redirections like redirections, but it might seem you could use some talking about why this is happening, because it might seem that 1) you're only concerned about one or two particular sites, 2) it might seem to be a case of, say, server-side localisation, unless it's a browser-side one.

  • There some Extensions to clean up redirections on

    Y un UserScript, no sé si aún funciona:

  • Here is an example of the original issue.

    Typing resulted in a redirect to website.

    Today I noticed if I clear all browsing history and disable VPN the redirect does not occur.

  • Typing resulted in a redirect to website

    It's usually done by the site itself either based on your IP or on your preferred languages.

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