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  • Hello. im new to this forum, & read a bit about VPN. & found that my new (recently upgraded) OPERA has VPN.

    I dont go much on the website - a game - Forge of Empires, Gmail, and Facebook / normal news websites.

    Now Forge of empires does have different servers, with different countries, but does not restrict a person to a specific server. if I want to view or login to a different server, I can.

    My main query: is there a benefit to a regular web surfer to get or use VPN ? Is there a website that outlines benefits to use VPN for people that dont go to 'special' websites ?

  • VPN is more about your local network then your destination. For example, if your workplace blocks Facebook you can use Opera's VPN to get around that blocking. It can also be used to add another layer of obfuscation to help disguise your network habits.

  • Usually a VPN is used to hide the user location and/or to allow access to blocked content. If you don't need any of those, a VPN may not be interesting for you.

  • A good rule of thumb here is that if you don't understand what VPN is mainly used for, you probably don't need it. Truly...

  • Thanks for the responses. i guess i dont need VPN.. Im at home - Not a work environment, & ive determined that I allow myself to use facebook 🙂