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Flashplayer not updated and brazilian websites crashing one second after loading

  • Hey everyone...

    what is going on with opera? I used to love this but lately I have barely been able to get by with it. I really don't want to go back to chrome, so I'm hoping there will be some fixes soon.

    I watch a lot of streaming online and most of the players used to stream videos have been complaining about not having the latest flash player. It's not the fake, clickbait "you need to upgrade flashplayer" situation, it's actually the real thing. Opera seems to not have updated its flashplayer and now in most players I just can't watch any content whatsoever. Even edge is working.

    Also, I access a lot of brazilian websites, among those Opera crashes with almost half of all the newspieces I click on it, it's absurdly annoying! The page loads and 4 seconds later it crashes. I reload, crashes again. I'm unable to scroll one or two seconds before it crashes. Sometimes, the main page itself doesn't load, as if it couldn't be retrieved. A reload solves that problem. Also, the main page never crashes and even updates itself properly. Only when I click on something that opens in another page I get the crash.

    Does anyone have any clue about how to fix either of these issues?

    Opera version 42.0.2393.137 stable. Windows 10-64

    Thanks for any help

  • I forgot to mention that I have attempted disabling both of my extensions as well as adblock.

  • Opera seems to not have updated its flashplayer

    Opera doesn't include Flash, it uses the one installed on your system. So check if you have the latest ppapi Flash installed.

    Also, I access a lot of brazilian websites, among those

    It's known and it seems to be a Chromium issue since it happens on Chrome too.

  • Hello leocg,

    thank you for your reply. I thought Opera, like chrome had flash embedded, my mistake! I'll update it asap!

    As for the brazilian websites, what is strange is that I never had that problem until a month or two ago. It started recently...