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  • How to unlink marking in pages with numbers in opera :|

  • When adblock will work without data saving mode enabled? It's block almost nothing. And more - if I don'want to use data saving, I also can't use adblock.
    I also don't like exit option - I must tap 3 times on 3 buttons for exit and this is stupid!

  • Something new soon? It's over month without update...

  • ... and when the next update comes along, please make it a thorough and complete reversal of all the current UI disasters.

  • I deleted the bookmarks from my account. How to recover them?

  • How to recover them?

    Using a backup?

  • Any plans to do FINALLY something with DATA SAVING MANAGEMENT??

  • Hi guys not very technically minded so go easy on me please.Have a Samsung Galaxy Ace using Opera Mini 4.2 I think and using Sky as service provider.When accessing certain gambling websites they refuse to let me sign in properly saying You are trying to access from a prohibited country.Is this because the IP address Opera are using is from abroad or will it be my service provider I need to speak to.It doesn't happen every time but at least twice a day.Very annoying!Can I change my IP address?Thanks,Mike from Belfast,United Kingdom

  • Opera pages jump around all overthe place. NO idea what this is for... Android support for extensions appears to be lacking.

  • Why is opera mini updated so often and opera not?? It's over month without fixes and new features!!

  • @mrninko:

    update frequency is the one metric for google playstore's rankings that manufacturers can actively control.

    so more mini updates equals a somewhat better ranking, despite running on the same 2254 codebase for ages.

    meanwhile opera for android is like watching a trainwreck.

  • I guess it's time to start use another browser while there's such "unique" update support...

  • There is still a problem with synchronization of data, as soon as you use encryption for your data:

    in opera web you can enter two passwords:

    • one for your account and
    • one to encrypt your synchronized data

    current problem with opera mobile is:

    • as soon as you encrypt your synchronized data on web, opera mobile does no longer synchronize any data any longer
      ** reason is probably cause it is not possible to provide the password for the encryption on opera mobile, so it would be good if opera mobile devs would add this
  • Really Now. I just downloaded opera beta. I don't understand what opera is doing. My advice is to go back to the old classic layout that was discontinued, add the ad-blocking and you are done.

    Edit: And add something useful like a scroll bar instead of playing around with barely visible icons and the like.

  • I have to say, I really like the newest visuals in Opera beta! 🙂

  • @jonaballen

    Really terrible, afwul support. For 2 months nothing...any update....

  • After 42.8.2246 update

    The new design is just afwul and HARD TO READ WHILE SUNNY/LIGHT CONDITIONS. Why it couldn't just stay white, like it was??

  • V42.8.2246 appears to be an exercise in how to make a bad thing even worse.

    I still use V37.0.2192 on a daily basis.

  • I have to say, I really like the newest visuals in Opera beta!

    What visuals do you like? I really don't like the new opera phone tab switcher, it has the giant thumbnails and the other really tiny ones at the bottom with a lot of wasted space. I just don't get it

  • Version 42 is a total failure for me on my LG G5, Android 7.0. Software Version: VS98728B

    Opera Beta hangs on execution. Is there a way to roll back to the previous beta, or alternatively load my speed dial to the stable version? I hope this problem is fixed in a new release. I've had no problems with prior releases.