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Opera for Android 42

  • To-Mr-Jona- ad blocker is not working it is not working since New Opera introduced with new UI, please fix this you people are telling reasons but we people need no reasons but perfect Browser I am using data saving mod and clear cache enabled ad blocker and I have done everything to get rid of this adds but they are showing up anyway almost In All websites the truth is adblocker is not working fix this. Opera is great Browser please don't make this worst .old Opera is good and works perfect but New Opera is all of bugs and not working perfectly. new UI (everyone hating)..

  • For Opera 42.3.xxxx on an LG LTE:

    When using the cliptray to cut/copy-&-paste, the Opera winndow shortens and the now empty area at the top becomes a black "bar". Getting the window back to use the entire screen takes closing and reopening Opera.

  • please add an option to use reader mode on other sites too instead of feed news sites

  • New loading page is really cool.

  • New loading page is really cool.

    Hmm, hasn't updated yet. Is the data savings switch more accessible now as it's shown in the pictures?

  • New loading page is really cool.

    It's like in Opera Mini.

  • . Is the data savings switch more accessible now as it's shown in the pictures?

    I didn't notice any difference.

  • With latest releases I'm no longer able to download videos from pages from which it was possible. So, what have you done with it??

  • The string for the setting is too long so it requires 2 rows, the second row doesn't really show except the top: Thats why it looks like spots.
    We should shorten the string or alternatively truncate it.

    And when will you fix it? After updates it's still the same..

  • Finally the new tab / home behavior is reasonable again!

    Hmm, hasn't updated yet. Is the data savings switch more accessible now as it's shown in the pictures?

    No, it isn't shown and it's still buried deep in the settings, so that you use it always or more likely never. I've also tried the beta version again and while the play store pictures show saved data and an accessible switch, that's just still the OLD version, so if you please could undo the other changes of this UI change, we could have a great browser again. I think the only thing that got better with the new UI is the new sharing dialog (bonus points for adding Direct Share)

  • In latest 42.5.2246 versio: There's permanent crash after start watching video in fullscreen mode. Also after crash you can see degradation of Opera look. Video:

  • I'm having trouble finding out where I choose where to save downloads.
    I remember it was possible to download to SD card before at least

  • A somewhat trivial one...

    Please get rid of the utterly pointless pulsing speed dial animation that gets in the way before loading a page from a speed dial.

    Animations are for simpletons!

  • The last version 42.6.2246.114522 does not open the main page of the WiFi router Asus RT-N65U. After entering the login and password, a blank page opens. If you restart Opera and try again to open the address of the router, the page is opened without authorization.
    Tried on the Samsung Galaxy A3 (android 5.0.2), Samsung Galaxy Tab3 (android 4.4.2), XiaomaMi5 (android 6.0.1)

  • Opera programmers can fix it, it started by redisgning of the User Interaction interface.

    This is the last stutter free Opera from Opera itself. Version 3700

    Verify that it's really Opera server don't install from other sources.

    If Opera programmers would use that version as a start all over again point the new overhaul is the only thing to change and errors made or inefficient subroutines can be prevented.

    I think the overhaul is mostly done in Dalvik/Art but even then sliding effect of bringing a menu in the screen should not bring my phone or tablet to its knees.

    The core render engine is great and is I believe written in Native Development Kit.

    That's why I define the Opera browser as 2 seperated programming paradigmas.

    I continued using Opera 3700 and don't update the normal version, but every beta release I hope Opera has finally understood what they are missing compared to what Opera had.

    Speculation is that Opera has a new development team with not enough experience in User Interaction Interfaces bridged to Native Development Code like the Blink engine core.

    The current team is probably so used to microstutter and old Windows 98 animation effects they don't know any better anymore.

    I turn into Steve Jobs when I am hungry.

    Steve Jobs wouldn't have allowed this and would be very angry. I read Steve Jobs book and he was in language a vulgair man like Mozart but his products were not. Steve Jobs is no longer and me spitting out some language like him wouldn't change Opera development since I have no power and am a customer only.

    Sorry, Opera Team you don't know any better anymore, you're used to slow, buggy, and stutter even on high end devices so much.

    I turn into Steve Jobs when I am hungry and want to scream! #*#$^&/&^

  • Any plans with data saving feature finally?!?!

  • html datalist is not supported!

  • How to unlink marking in pages with numbers in opera :|

  • When adblock will work without data saving mode enabled? It's block almost nothing. And more - if I don'want to use data saving, I also can't use adblock.
    I also don't like exit option - I must tap 3 times on 3 buttons for exit and this is stupid!

  • Something new soon? It's over month without update...

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