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  • i use opera since 2012 ..

    but in the last 10 days if i open just one Video from youtube or from another website he start to use to much ram 2gb almost and i have just 4Gb !!! and the Browser become soo laaggy ( i use opera Neon right now .. )

    and i try to delete opera and re-loaded and still the same problem ..

    i try use google chrome .. and didnt get that problem

    before with opera i can open 10 or 20 Video at onese ..

    but now if i just open 1 Video .. too muchh laag and 2 gb ram used ??

    that problem with me is just with opera ..

    any help ??

    i just like opera and i dont want to use another Browser

  • If you install a portable version of Opera, how does it behave?

  • he use less ram 1.50GB ( for 1 video ) and laaggy

    almost the same problem

  • almost the same problem

    OK, so probably not a profile issue.

    Do you use any Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware, Security Suite or something like that? If so, does the problem happens with those programs disabled?

  • only ( 360 Total Security ) and i download him from two days ago
    and when i Exit him .. still the same problem

  • I confirm that Opera recently freezes the video on Youtube.

  • I confirm that Opera recently freezes the video on Youtube.

    This topic is not about that.

  • I, too, am now experiencing this same problem, especially with YouTube. This problem has only existed for a short time — perhaps two weeks.

    Since my computer only has 4 gigabytes of RAM, I am often getting an "out of memory" message, which then replaces the page on the browser tab. I am asked if I want to reload the page, and if I do, I soon get the same message again.

    Once this message has appeared, it seems I can only reduce my memory usage by shutting down Opera altogether. Merely shutting down the offending tab (which seems usually to be YouTube) is not sufficient.

  • i have that too

  • I am often getting an "out of memory" message

    This is subject of this topic

  • Opera is not to blame for high memory usage.
    It's the websites and number of tabs and pages open that count.

    More than likely the user does not use Ublock origin which blocks a great deal of website junk.
    There is also the unresolved problem that nowdays websites are alive; they are constantly loading the background.
    That means when once a website has loaded the user should execute a keyboard shortcut to mimic hit the X in the address, to halt content or kill the website. Technically, Opera, I believe, is at fault in this department as I believe they have a responsibility to help the end user out and therefore to kill webpages once they are loaded or after X amount of seconds; this feature is absent in All browsers including Opera. But is such a vital feature.

  • operaoverseer: What you say would make sense if this were an old issue. It is not. This problem has only been going on for a very short time. I have been using Opera since it was a product one had to pay for. I have been using YouTube for many years. This is the very first time this problem has arisen.

    So either YouTube has suddenly started doing something new and deleterious, or Opera is not handling memory usage the same as it used to. I have no way of knowing for sure, but I'll bet on the latter.

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