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Can´t watch stream on

  • Description: Since a couple of days, streams on just won´t play anymore when you´re in an artist´s channel. There´s just the green play-button in the middle of their screen and when I press it it should start/stop the stream, but nothing happens. Works fine in other browsers and it used to work in Opera aswell.

    Steps to reproduce: go to and choose any stream from the list to enter a channel (the preview stream on the very top of the homepage oddly works fine...until you visit the artists channel, of course)

    Actual result: stream isn´t playing when "play" button is hit or page is refreshed

    Expected result: stream should start when the channel is opened. When clicked into the stream window, the stream itself stops/continues to play

    OS: Windows 7


    Version of Opera: 42.0

  • Nobody?

  • It seems to be working here on Windows 10.

  • So there´s no support for Win7 anymore? Because Version is up to date and Flash player is also fine here

  • So there´s no support for Win7 anymore?

    Opera still supports Windows 7.

    Flash player is also fine here

    Here that site doesn't seem to use Flash.

    Can you play this video?

  • Nope, I see the player, but except the start/stop button switching, nothing happens.
    firefox says the file is corrupt.
    ie simply downloads it and sends it to vlc player, which then crashes.

    sounds like a technical riot against me haha

  • Nope, I see the player, but except the start/stop button switching, nothing happens

    OK, that one seems to not be playing here too at the moment. So what about this one?

  • works perfectly fine!

  • Are you using any extensions? If so, did you check with them disabled?
    Also, have you checked with the ad-blocker disabled for that page?

  • Yes, Adblock is my only extension. I disabled it via "extensions/manage extensions", restarted the browser and tried to see a stream on picarto, without success sadly

    EDIT: I did a clean reinstall of Opera, but it unfortunately didn´t help aswell

  • I figured out the problem!

    picarto seems to have lately added the HTML5(MP4) playback option for its player, which doesn´t seem to work for Opera. The thing is that it´s set as the default playback option and once the stream is fully loaded, the menu for changing to another playback format simply disappears.
    This means that you CAN watch streams as long as you´re fast enough at the beginning to switch to Flash or HTML(HLS) before the stream itself is fully loaded in HTML5(MP4).

    Picarto takes the blame here as it seems 😃