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New Opera Neon - concept browser

  • Any idea what's going on here?

    What version of Mac OS? Opera requires 10.9 at least.

  • Hi I'm checking out Neon and I find it really interesting!

    I would like to give you some feedback after using it on my 2-in-1 Windows 10 tablet with a touch screen interface:

    1. Can't drag elements with a touch screen.
    2. Can't get to the tab close button, since I can't hover.
    3. It would be nice to have the possibility to make the side menus horizontal when rotating the screen, since vertical side menus take a lot of the screen space from the main browser window in portrait mode.

    Otherwise the browser seems really solid for a beta/concept, and the only things I'm really missing are favourites (the start page with bubbles is cool but simply not enough - maybe a way to create groups of bubbles ?) and of course ad blocked and add-ons.

    Keep up the good work! 🙂

  • linux version plz.

    or does the windows run in the wine environment?

  • Spinish pls!!! Translate Version pls

  • I have a question is it only a concept browser for desktop or it will roll for mobile devices (android or ios etc) too?

  • I have a question is it only a concept browser for desktop or it will roll for mobile devices (android or ios etc) too?

    It seems to be focused on desktops for now.

  • Hello, I'm really enjoying Opera Neon, is a very useful and innovate Browser. I saw on some pages, you just did this for fun, just an idea without future. However I really want to use Neon forever, as my main browser. If you don't have any problem, I want to translate the browser to Spanish. My issue right now is unzip the pak files to modify the options, if you give me the oportunity to collaborate I really appreciate it.

  • Like the concept. Unfortunately I can't use for daily browsing as it keep hanging. Hope to see a new build soon.

  • I like the minimalist approach but at the same time I'm a little bit annoyed with wasted space around the page display area. It would be so nice to have the ability to merge the windows titlebar with omnibox, borderless browser would look so gorgeous.

  • I love the new look and feel of Neon and would switch to it without a doubt if Opera decides to turn it into a main browser idea.

    I have just one question: I've been testing Neon out, but it seems to be using a default background rather than my own. Is there a setting that I'm missing? I have a Win 10 Pro x64 running on an HP Pro G0 450

  • This concept is something new and different, I like it. Would be nice to have advanced customization options like option to auto hide right bar, dark mode/ light mode, etc. Adblock is a very necessary feature. Hope in the feature to see It on mobile devices in a final version.

  • Hope to see a new build soon.

    There won't be one.

  • I have installed Opera Neon on my mac, really nice concept and great work !!

    I'm using Opera Coast on my IOS and it's true that all the desktop web browsers look old even if I'm currently using Opera 🙂

    I really like the concept of bubbles and the bubble tabs also, and the possibility to split the screen is a nice to have !

    Please add the synchro for multiple desktops, VPN and ADBlock and I will switch immediately to Opera Neon right now !!!

    Again, really nice job 🙂


  • There won't be one.

    I think it's a nice browser and they should keep up with it. I discovered it today and except the lack of some features it makes a browser that really suits my workflow.

  • Why?

    It's all on the first post of this topic.

  • Hi,

    I really like opera neon. I've already set it as primary browser because I like innovation and I like the interface. It's sweet and it has some nice features. But since it's new, I have some suggestions:

    1. First of all: I think that some people (like me) need adblock in their life, so add-ons are a must. I hope this will be available soon.

    2. I like the idea with the circle tabs, but I think it's kinda messy because of the (live?) screenshots that are displayed in the big circles. I think that just the big pictogram like messenger, facebook, etc...would be better. Although, in some situations it does look nice, for ex. YouTube. But now, the titles are kinda small and not really clear. I have the intension to open a tab that's already open because I don't see it immediately.

    3. Their should be a + button for tabs under the tabs because it's kinda strange to look at your tabs and thinking 'hey i want a new tab" and then you need to go all the way to the left side. Okay, this looks kind of exaggerated, but IRL this takes time.

    4. I think that the white bar on top takes away the beauty about the design. It takes away the focus of the real page. But maybe this one is only me...

    5. I like the idea of adding circle tabs to the home screen, but it kinda sucks that you can't drag them around. I kinda like having a static place for a tab so I can easily access them. Also, I don't really like that sites that you visit a lot also pin on the home screen. Maybe some people do but I think the screenshots aren't so pretty of the sites and the other clear items do.

    I think this are my top concers about Opera Neon, it's really nice but these changes would make it my real primary browser because now i'm doubting to go back to chrome since it's less playful making it faster in general. Sorry, if there are a lot mistakes in my text. English is not my first language.

    Please, share your thoughts on this, have a nice day

    Gr Lucas

  • Same as the rest above. I really do love the user interface and the physics feedback. The only thing I need right now is adblock support, then I'm golden 😃

  • Its great but can only import settings from IE? Why not from Opera itself? Quite hard to adopt that as a full time browser if I need to remake my speed dial and retype all my passwords.

  • Its great but can only import settings from IE? Why not from Opera itself? Quite hard to adopt that as a full time browser if I need to remake my speed dial and retype all my passwords.

    Read the first post, it answers your questions.

  • Shame it won't get updates because it's a damn good browser. I find myself using it more than the main Opera Browser when I intend to do fast and casual browsing, that is, not intending to have a lot of tabs opened.

    Splendid concept browser.