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New Opera Neon - concept browser

  • Hey Guys!
    i'm trying to set my default search engine as bing, but it really doesn't work and I don't know wwhat can I do!
    Can u guys help me? (sorry for any error, i'm brazillian πŸ˜‰ )

  • i'm trying to set my default search engine as bing, but it really doesn't work

    I don't think it's possible.

  • Please help! I can't uninstall Opera Neon on my Win 10 laptop. When I start uninstall, the uninstall window seemingly pops up except that it only appears on the taskbar and when I click on it the window does not show.

    i finally managed to uninstall it somehow

  • Can anyone help I was happily useing Neon as a browser and then 3 weeks ago it started to conitnue to crash when opened, I am using it on a Mac, have uninstalled and reinstalled it several times still with the same results it will not open just automatically crash each time.

  • Welcome to Opera's forums @Jm2808!

    Try cleaning cache and cookies in Settings.

  • Hi @zalex108 thanks for the suggestions I can not even get near the cookies or the settings, literally click the icon to launch and it crashes, an error message appears for just under a second so you cant see what it says then I get the report the issue mac dialouge box.

    Its very odd I didnt know whether it was Flash or something else causing the issues but it will not launch at all to let me get near any settings.

  • Opera Neon seems like it could be a nice idea and I'd like to try it, however in order to seriously give it a try I'd need at least LastPass and a stylist-like extension to be available (I use the latter to force a decent background on insane pages that use white as a background, since that hurts my eyes quite a bit…)

  • @Jm2808

    Then you should have to go to your user data folder and rename the profile folder to lunch ONeon with a clean profile, then copy needed files, if needed.

    OMenu > Help > Find Solutions (to find the path and to know about the files)
    Neon is installed into user's data folder, at least in Windows.
    User's folder is hidden, Google it to show MacOS system files.

    Welcome to Opera's forums @Lohoris!

    Right now I'm not sure if Opera Neon can use extensions but Adguard app (at least windows version) can handle UserScripts so UserStyles too .

  • I do like this new browser, yet it can be confusing at times and when I am on Pinterest using Opera Neon the web page only shows a few pins. I have tried several things to get to load the whole page. If any one can help me with this minor issue, please let me know and thank you.

  • so many Wasted Spaces ...... i just hope its getting rich but simple tho

  • Neon on Mac 10.12.5 (Sierra). I was using Neon for awhile, then it started crashing on me. I uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times to no avail. I kept searching for answers, and tried resetting the creation and modification dates as suggested elsewhere. But that didn't work. Then I thought it must be a plist problem. I downloaded a program (PlistEdit Pro) and and checked all of Neon's plist settings. I found that there were four (4) info.plist files. The first one was fine, but when I checked the others, the CFBundleSignature key was showing "????" (without the quotation marks) on all three. On the first file, the value for that key was "l33t" (again, without the quotation marks). So I changed the values for that key in the other plist files to that same value, saved each file, and double-clicked Neon and it worked. HTH. YMMV. Messing with plist keys and values is dangerous. Do so at your own risk.

  • Hello there! I am Chinese. I really like the Opera Neon, but I have a problem can not be solved. How can the address bar and its title, as well as the menu and right-click menu font set to Microsoft Yahei. Now my computer shows the font for the Song/Mincho, how to solve it?
    Btw my OS is Windows 10 15063. I hope you can reply to my question, thank you!

  • I really like the concept, I hope this they will release a version with all the essentials included very soon. I tried using it whenever possible.

  • Hi. I'm using opera neon and find it's very interesting. However, in some recent days, the browser background is switch to the image of the blue hand just the same as the first image of the topic. I want it to be a transparent background to my desktop wallpaper though I can't find a way to do it. Please help. Thanks in advance. πŸ˜ƒ

  • Neon is unsupported and while you can still DL it - it doesn't receive any updates including security, it might be best to test it but not use it as main driver.

  • I really like the Neon UI concept. I mainly use tablet/touch on both portable and desk systems and find it to be the most touch friendly browser UI available so far (since Metro IE on Surface RT!). A small issue is that it is difficult to close a tab bubble without opening the tab. A mouse hover on the bubble brings up the 'x' to close the tab, I cannot replicate this using touch. This is a small issue but believe that if you enhance the touch UI it will corner the growing (I hope) Windows tablet market.

  • When I open Opera Neon, it always crashes for some strange reason. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling it, but the application still continues to crash.

  • @mikaelaarsenault Don't use Neon. It's unsupported compiled well over 6 months ago - it's not secure.

  • @rudrick said in New Opera Neon - concept browser:

    @mikaelaarsenault Don't use Neon. It's unsupported compiled well over 6 months ago - it's not secure.

    So which one is better? Opera, Beta, or Developer?