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change in response to pressed-and-held key

  • I recently updated to the latest version of Opera for my MacBook Pro. Now I am no longer able to use a useful Mac feature.

    Before: when I press a key on the keyboard and held it, the alt-versions for the character (with diacritics, accents, alternate versions) popped up above the letter.
    Now: when I press/hold a key, that character just repeats until I release the key.

    Is there someway to go back to the earlier response to a held key?


    Ryssssssss (should be Ryś)

    Using Opera 42.0.2393.94
    with Mac OS X 10.10.5

  • Hi Ryś (see what I did there? :)), the only thing I can think of right now is the keyboard setting. I get this option when my keyboard is set to ABC - Extended, and like you I use it as well, since I don't know how to spell Wrocław without it.

    Does it work in other applications (not Opera)?

  • Yes, it continues to work the way it did in non-Opera applications. I am replying to your comment this time through Firefox, and it works. And it worked the way I prefer in Opera before I updated.

    Ryś (see?)

  • The latest version of Opera does not fix the issue (or seem to offer me a work-around). So I am, with regrets, going to switch to Firefox, at least to read and send email. I say "with regrets", because I have been a steady user of Opera for a long time and it has been the browser of choice that I recommended to others. But without an easy way of selecting alternate characters (I need Polish and French in some replies), this change in Opera is a real deficit.


  • I solved the problem downloading the Beta version. Hopefully they will fix the issue in the future!

  • Thank you for your help, valentinogarosi. The Beta does work on this issue on my Mac! I hope for a regular fix soon, as I would like to return to Opera ad my stanadar browser. Ryś

  • I have this exact same problem. Sometimes I have to reply in Spanish and I need accents...

  • Now fixed (or at least back to the way it was) with 43.0.2442.52. Thanks Opera!

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