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No filters into folders, please add it :(

  • I was initially really confused how to setup filters as I found a guide and it was talking about filters for labels, I quickly realised that this is a "feature" to set Opera Mail away from other email clients, I like the idea and I like the feature but labels really do not fit the bill when your accessing your email everywhere and through multiple programs.

    My problem is I access my email on my phone, my tablet, I access it on my PC and its a shared account so other employees also access the account from their machines and their devices.

    Everywhere and everyone else filters email into IMAP folders and we have been doing this for years, besides no other software supports filters so filters arnt even a possible feature for others to adapt to.

    What I'm saying is, for a personal use this feature is good if all you ever use is Opera Mail, but this is not practical, we dont live in a fixed base fixed machine society anymore that was 1998.

    Can we please put traditional mail filtering back into Opera, it is literally the only downfall to this program! I really want to stop using thunderbird, stop using outlook and live a happy life with Opera Mail!!

  • Good luck, they haven't actually developed Opera Mail in about 3 years.

  • For your IMAP accounts, is there a webmail interface where you can set up server-side filtering to filter messages into IMAP folders? If so, that'd be a great workaround.

    Another thing you can do is make use of IMAP keywords. In a label's properties, you can set a keyword (use only a-z and _ and no spaces and give it the same name as the label). Then, when the label's rules grab a message or you manually put a message in the label, that flag will be set on the message on the server. Then, if you access the IMAP account with another Opera, a label will be automatically created for that keyword. You will have to add the rules to that auto-created label though.

    Keywords work in Thunderbird too with tags. When you apply a tag to a message it gets the flag. Opera will detect that and create a label for it. In Thunderbird, you can create a filter to automatically apply a tag to a certain message. Thunderbird doesn't auto-create tags when it detects a new keyword though.

    To make an Opera label act like a folder, you can set "hide these messages from other view" in its properties. In Thunderbird, you can choose to view only messages with a certain tag.

    So, keywords can kind of work if the server and the clients support it. Messages won't be moved to different folders, but supporting clients might have views for each keyword. You should even be able to manually move messages to different IMAP folders and keep the keywords. Not sure what mobile IMAP clients support keywords though.