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Which was the best version of Opera?

  • I have no interest in the New Opera which just seems to be an inferior version of Chrome. I uninstalled it. I would like to download an old version. Which was the best old version, 12? Also, where is the best place to download it, and will I be able to keep it going or will it somehow become obsolete and unusable?

  • You're going to find a difference of opinion. Some will say v.11.64 and others will point to the latest v.12.16. My own opinion if I had to take an older version would be v.12.16 which you can download here if you scroll to the bottom of the page:

  • Thanks! I think 12.16 might be the one.

  • If the inability to set a custom search engine to default (like StartPage) bothers you, drop back to 12.14. If the "personality" of the entire 12.xx series is bothersome for whatever reason(s), drop back to 11.64. If that version causes problems, try 11.53. If your computer is hardware-challenged, consider dropping back to 10.6x. Just realize that as you descend in version number, there's an increasing risk of security holes appearing and of site-incompatibility.

    Otherwise, use whatever you like. You can even install any number of versions side-by-side, as long as you make sure to install each in its own-named installation folder (such as "opera1164", not merely the default-offered "opera" folder). Also, with older Opera versions, be sure to turn off the auto-update feature in each (usually ctrl+F12 > advanced > security > auto update: select "Do not check for updates" > OK) to avoid an unexpected auto-update surprise.

  • OK, thanks, I did all that, and I have good old normal Opera 12.16 back! Will it continue to work indefinitely?

  • It will work as long as, and to the extent that, websites remain compatible with its capabilities. Just be sure to turn off its auto-update, be sure to back up your personal Opera files (bookmarks, notes, emails, etc) from time to time, and keep a copy of the Opera installation file... then you should be set for as long as you want. Backing up and keeping an installer copy is important because bad things can always happen eventually to good files on a computer.

    I still occasionally use a web browser (Off By One) from the 1990's era (last updated in 2006), if I want to instantly browse to a mostly-text website... it works superbly, as long as I don't want some creature comforts like JavaScript or Flash, etc and don't mind the page formats getting squonged up a bit. The point is that, if you take care of the appropriate files, browser code is forever...

  • It's nice to have it back again. Maybe Opera will come to its senses when it finds out that nobody wants the New Opera and goes back to improving the Real Opera.

    Does anybody like the New Opera?

  • I am staying with 12.16 1860 version. The new Opera does not work for me or my computer and so it will be 12.16 for me. I must admit I really don't like the 'new Opera' and I have waited to see how it progresses but so far it is not for me or my system. KOR-

  • Just to stress again a point I noted earlier: if you're happy with Opera 12.16 (or any other older Opera version), be certain its automatic updating is turned off via ctrl+F12 > Advanced > Security > Auto-update: set to "Do not check for updates" > OK. Otherwise, there's a possibility that Opera, when it finally decides to cease entirely supporting Old Opera (possibly within the next 6 months or so) may automatically force updates to Old Opera over to the then-current Blink version. This is especially noteworthy for present 12.16 users, who may not have made this setting yet or even noticed its state, since there have been no further updates to 12.16. Users of versions older than 12.16 already have blocked auto-updating, else their versions would have auto-updated to 12.16 by now.

    Some users may indeed wish to migrate to New Opera at the point when Opera ceases to support Presto Opera entirely... but that should be a considered decision by the user, not something left to chance and the timetables of Opera. In the meantime, users should keep abreast of Opera versions, just in case a Presto security patch gets released which would bump Old Opera to 12.17. In that case, simply manually direct an update check via Menu > Help > Check for updates.

  • Thanks Blackbird, I did disable auto updates. Funny thing though, I clicked on check for updates on the 12.16 and it said no updates are available.

    "users should keep abreast of Opera versions, just in case a Presto security patch gets released which would bump Old Opera to 12.17."

    How would I find out about that?

  • When you check for updates manually from the Help menu, the dialogue will tell you if an update is available, and its version number. Just close the dialogue with the X, or click "Remind be later," if you don't want to update. If you have preferences set to "Do not check for updates," it won't be changed by doing that.

  • 12.16 was the last real Opera version and it's working quite well for now.

  • Mh.... best version? Good Question - I avoid it in naming the two versions which had a major impact with me in using Opera... Damned, I do not even remember the actual version numbers ... was it 4 or 5 which changed/extended the look of Opera by MDI vs. SDI and tabs? That was the first version I bought, as I never got used to the old Opera UI which behaved like an extra Desktop with its own Windows inside of that but at 1st look really loved the Desktop Integration of the new UI... next one would have been the free version which displayed Ads, though I had paid for that version and used the non-Ad install on my Desktop. I always found the Ad-sponsored version useful when I worked at the university as those Ads from time to time where really helpful in expanding search phrases inside AltaVista/Google/etc. and sometimes funny and the size of the banner was so small that it never felt like a handicap compared to the install without that.

  • I just installed Opera 6.06, which I recall as being pretty good. It is a good reminder of just how much Opera has moved on. The default install was completely cluttered with toolbars and the hotlist/panel with little space left for the web page. The bookmarks panel was full of pre-installed bookmarks. The browser is unusable on Windows 7 — it keeps crashing. Certificates failed on the sites that I tried like Amazon and even the Opera Portal.

    The best version of Opera is the one that works best on the sites that you need to visit, which for me is still Opera 11.64.

  • Where exactly can I find Opera 12.16 (or 12.17, it's the latest of the 12 series)? Can't seem to find it anywhere.

  • Originally posted by trosaire:

    Where exactly can I find Opera 12.16 (or 12.17, it's the latest of the 12 series)? Can't seem to find it anywhere.

  • Thank you, Pesala. Will bookmark it this time so I don't forget where it is.

  • There is no point in using older versions of Opera, the web is changing and old versions will not cut the mustard. The new Opera is sensational on performance even with 165 extensive tabs opened. I regularly do this and have no problems and still silky smooth scrolling etc. I tried to achieve this with Maxthon but it cannot handle multiples of tabs without crashing and spluttering which was highly disappointing since Maxthon wipes the floor with Opera in browser functionality and friendliness. If you are discouraged from using the new Opera then all I can suggest is move over the Maxthon since I have not found any other browser worth bothering with and even Maxthon does not cut the full mustard. We need a hybrid of Opera and Maxthon combined. Maxthon will suffer because its community are not interested in hearing about its downsides since they worship the browser like it is a god and for someone like me it falls short but has a lot of potential. For many people Maxthon will be great but I still need Opera.

  • I never heard of Maxthon browser so I went on CNet to look at the reviews - and funny, people are complaining that the older versions of that one were better too.

  • That may be so about older Maxthon's but I will say that I used to try Maxthon in the past and it was dire and just a clone of Internet Explorer. Just give it a try in portable form and see what you think.