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I've used Opera for 10 years... no more. : (

  • I used opera when I carried it around on a 1.4mB floppy. I used it when it was in beta, and all the way up to today. Reddit Enhancement Suite won't support it any longer (Opera 12 that is), and switching to 15 or 20 with the webkit/blink, I just realized how horrible it was compared to my secondary browser Chrome. Youtube support through flash plugins has been horrible for the past couple years, and I figured it was time for a break. I can't tell you guys how saddening this is for me, but I guess not really. I'll just use Chrome 100% now. The new top-tab non-customizeable layouts rob the browser of all its soul, and the bookmark manager is horrible unlike the old side-tab one. I used to have no less than about 25-100 open tabs, and this just isn't possible in the new version. If I'm stuck with blink, I might as well just go full bore Chrome/Chromium. Thanks for the 10 years guys, I hope you rethink your strategy and perhaps I'll come back if you add in a lot of the old functionality that was stupidly removed. Peace!

  • I just realized when I wrote 10 years, I really meant 20 years. I've been using this since 1994. Geez. I hadn't even realized.

  • Opera got worse since about 2-3 years! Opera 12 was not very compliant to the real WWW. Too slow, too buggy.

    Did you ever work with heavy JS controlled websites/CMS? Opera 12 is not the best choice.

    Opera was fine for users who want to chaneg their browser. Yes, the User Interface was fine. Yes, Settings could be easily done. Yes, adblocking, website-specific-settings easyly added -- without Javascript and ugly extensions.

    Yes, you 're right. The new Opera is not customizable at all. May be Opera ASA will change sthis, but i believe this would be in one year or later.

    You will not get Opera 12 back. It's dead at all. And new Opera ...? I dont know, what Opera will give us in future.

  • Opera 12.16 was the best browser there was. Opera 20 is quite the opposite. I will use Firefox until Opera goes back to a good browser.

  • Wow. ok. Good bye. I think Opera is doing great. Sorry to see you go. The new Opera for Android is is on the road to awesome. Coast in the Ipad is a work of art. yes, some nits to work out, but aesthetically it is a pleasure. And desktop Opera is fast, minimalist, very attractive. Yes, it will take some time to get some of the features back. So check back, wyzard, in a few months. If you're unhappy. OK, go with Firefox. You can please some of the people some of the time, but no one can please all of the people all of the time.

    I feel good about the future of Opera,the rabbit that will come out of its hat. As it has in the past. Regarding some of the negative posts, there's a French word, "rengaine," meaning -- ugh-- the same old song. We understand all the features you once had aren't there right now. Opera has changed engines from Presto to Blink. The upside, speed, greater rendition of sites, access to all of the Chrome extensions. Like wow. Because that is a super start for something superb. Frome super to superb. All it takes now is one letter. Now let's give the Opera developers time to make the best damn browser in the world. They are off to a very good start.

  • And Google will rob you of your soul. When the NSA sneezes, Google coughs up all its user records, indexed and sorted with a fatuous smile like good Little Red Book-toting Maoists.

  • Yes, use Opera, not Chrome! I agree, sir. Opera is the better choice.

  • I'm forced to use other browsers, something I've never had to do regardless of my browser of choice.

    There are many problems. For example, it seldom remembers passwords etc., so I go back to Chrome to do things I'd like to do on Opera. Even for this site it doesn't remember my password and I have enter it each time...what a complete waste of time. Is the website poorly written or the browser?

  • No, Opera is just saying for now use extension, like LastPass or something else.

    I would prefer, though, if Opera came back with the Wand. I loved that feature.

  • Even for this site it doesn't remember my password and I have enter it each time...what a complete waste of time. Is the website poorly written or the browser?
    It saves my password for this forum just fine so it's neither, it's you.

  • I'm running the program as is and I'm telling you it DOES not save my user name or password. In fact, it doesn't even ask me if I want to.

  • @zzpat - It works for me on this forum. It doesn't on other sites though, such as the Open University's website and my own forum. Opera 12.16 does work on those sites though.

  • @zzpat Are you using the latest stable version? Check your settings for the password manager and saved passwords.

    @zzpat autocomplete=off?

  • I just checked to make sure it's checked. It is.

    Also came across another bug (problem). I can't get Opera to save files where I want them (the desktop) even though it's set to save to the desktop. Instead it saves to two different folders and I have no idea why.

    I have two passwords saved (after using the program for a few weeks)...and it's not saving any auto complete data....just checked...nothing saved. There's nothing saved from Opera.

  • I've been using Opera for something like 15 years - it was brilliant. 12.6 is struggling with some websites, so somehthing needed doing. Maybe this new one will be good one day, but it is totally unusable for what I need it now! Have Opera panicked and brought this out before it was ready - it's like a beta release, and will ruin Opera's reputation if it isn't fixed QUICK.

    Features that are missing or screwed up include:

    1. not able to search for words on a page any more
    2. view source does not export it to a text editor (I can't use Opera as a development tool if it won't do that, it's no good having to view source in an Opera tab and then copy and paste - take about 5 times a long and then I have to save the damn thing before I can check it with CSE HTML Validator
    3. the ad blocker built into the old Opera was far better than having to use Adblock
    4. old Opera had a brilliant password manager - Last Pass is all very well, but a pain in the a..e to use
    5. customizable notes in old Opera - where's that gone?
    6. Speed Dial - can't get more than 6 columns - it shows up to 9 in the selector, but stops at 6 in real life!
    7. Help is now crap - it just seems to go for pages about bookmarks whatever I search for - what's that all about?

    Come on Opera, get your act together or I will (reluctantly) have to try and find a usable browser elsewhere if v12 becomes unusable.

  • yes, i like opera, because it is very imporation with me.

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  • Be careful of the previous spammer, Everyone. His garbage post has been flagged.

  • Inform yourself:

    According to Opera "we wanted to spend our time on browser innovation, rather than competing on building a rendering engine". Well, correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't Opera innovating tabs, tab stacking, mouse gestures, speed dial, etc. all the while with the Presto engine? Now that they are beholden to Chromium the options are limited to the parameters of that engine and that is exactly why every Chrome clone works and looks pretty much the same. Becoming a part of a monoculture is the exact opposite of innovative.

    I don't know what the future holds but if you keep looking ahead and hoping for something that may never come, you end up missing what's right in front of you.

  • i think Opera is saying that now that they have a strong browser engine (Blink), they can put energy into innovation that otherwise might be tied up working on a new browser engine, because Presto was no longer capable of meeting current needs. Presto was dated and limited.