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Opera Mini 21 for Android

  • Hi! We are happy to announce the release of Opera Mini 21 and will be available on Google Play over the next few days.

    We’ve focused on the start page in this release. You’ll probably notice the start page has been simplified and the news articles are more visible. Your bookmarks and saved pages are still safe. They have been moved in the main menu.

    In addition to the UI changes, we've also improved the start-up sequences. Opera Mini 21 should be a little bit faster to start-up.

    Please take Opera Mini for a spin and leave a comment with any feedback you may have for us.

    You can get Opera Mini for Android here:


    Opera Mini for Android team

  • Thanks.... But can you provide direct links, here?:

  • @regnas Now we have uploaded the new version to

  • @miyukiwork: Thank you...

  • Somethings wrong with the "forward/cancel" load button. Its orientation is messed up. The "X" looks like a plus and the "forward" points from bottom left to top right.

  • So smooth and I notice that it's become a little bit faster. Opera is heart. Opera is love.

  • The in built video player system for streaming is too poor. There has only 3 options. One for 'Rotate Screen' another is 'Volume Up/Down' & the other is maybe 'Brightness Control'
    It will be better if there has "Fit to Screen" option. Because while streaming those videos wasn't match with my display screen. I see a sharp zoom view. And there has no option to change it. Also if there has options like "Rewind forward & backward by swiping on the screen" & "Video Resume" feature is will be also great. While loading a video for streaming there has no option to see how much time it will need to fully load the video. Add a feature like UC Browser where we can able to see the percentage of the loaded video. Thus we can able to guess how much time remaining to load the following video.
    The in built media player is still so poor.
    & after download a video then try to open it from downloaded list why Opera Mini plays the following video using its poor media player ?? I want to play those videos using other media player (such MX Player) & there has no option to do it.
    Kindly take a view of those problem & consider to fix those ASAP early in the next update.

  • @arkydon You've already found our secret Christmas present to our users 🙂
    Yes, it sometimes rotates to an unexpected direction and we'll fix this issue.

  • Dear Concern,

    401 server (Authorization required) web site password protected.

    Opera Mini 21 for Android. If web site is password protected then if i try sign in with web site id and password then, opera mini problem, opera mini unable to view password protect web site. Please check this problem and solve this problem.

  • For better understand see screenshot

    And be informed that Opera mini 21 or Opera mini beta problem. You need to clean install Opera mini. Web site password protect web site unable to view in Opera mini 21 or 21 beta version. Please solve this problem.

  • @emranhot We've confirmed the problem and will investigate the issue. If you don't mind using non-Extreme data savings mode, it's possible to login basic authentication pages.

  • @emranhot We've confirmed the problem and will investigate the issue. If you don't mind using non-Extreme data savings mode, it's possible to login basic authentication pages.

    Hey listen this problem started only Opera Mini 21 for Android or Opera Mini 21 beta for Android. I love to use Extreme data savings mode. Please solve this problem as soon as possible. This is serious bug. We all want to view password protect web site in opera mini. Thanks, @miyukiwork

  • Okay, lets see here.
    On the download section, the icons were enlarged.
    On the main menu, Offine Pages and Bookmarks were included and other changes were done.

    BUT the Find-in-Page still remains out of reach after user complaints.

    Sincerely speaking, User Feedback on this forum seems to be as useless as it gets.

  • Opera Mini - 21.0.2254.111677
    New this version- Simplified start page layout- Updated main menu items- Reload button in the bottom navigation bar to refresh the start page news- Performance improvementPrevious version- New start page news design- New download manager and background downloading- Extended address bar suggestions

    comes in 2 versions, for android 4.1 or 5.0/64bit

  • Hi please fix this. Cant view this website in extreme mode but it works fine when it is turned off

  • This video player is not working for me at all, I would prefer the option to choose my own player please, at least for downloaded videos.

  • Yeah, that was fantastic. First moved the bookmarks bar from the main menu to start page, then had made us used to it.
    And now again moved the bookmarks bar to the main menu.
    You guys are great!

  • ...and still no permanent choice of search engine, with google as forced default with access to the search history.

    wtf, merry christmas to everybody.

    • An option to select all text should be added.
    • Double tap to zoom in and out should be added to facilitate stylus users.
    • An option to switch between mobile and desktop modes would increase flexibility and help with some website compatibility.
    • A menu option for enabling/disabling JavaScript would be handy.
    • Folder creation for Saved Pages would be good.
  • @defaultuse Also it would be nice if we could export Saved pages offline so we can view them anywhere we want. There isn't even a way to back them up.