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Opera Mini 21 for Android

  • Opera Mini - 21.0.2254.111677
    New this version- Simplified start page layout- Updated main menu items- Reload button in the bottom navigation bar to refresh the start page news- Performance improvementPrevious version- New start page news design- New download manager and background downloading- Extended address bar suggestions

    comes in 2 versions, for android 4.1 or 5.0/64bit

  • Hi please fix this. Cant view this website in extreme mode but it works fine when it is turned off

  • This video player is not working for me at all, I would prefer the option to choose my own player please, at least for downloaded videos.

  • Yeah, that was fantastic. First moved the bookmarks bar from the main menu to start page, then had made us used to it.
    And now again moved the bookmarks bar to the main menu.
    You guys are great!

  • ...and still no permanent choice of search engine, with google as forced default with access to the search history.

    wtf, merry christmas to everybody.

    • An option to select all text should be added.
    • Double tap to zoom in and out should be added to facilitate stylus users.
    • An option to switch between mobile and desktop modes would increase flexibility and help with some website compatibility.
    • A menu option for enabling/disabling JavaScript would be handy.
    • Folder creation for Saved Pages would be good.
  • @defaultuse Also it would be nice if we could export Saved pages offline so we can view them anywhere we want. There isn't even a way to back them up.

  • ...or at least organize the saved pages into folders and subfolders within opera mini.

    maybe someone could write an external app to extract the offline pages and convert into html or pdf. even plain text files, so far i have failed to read them with es file manager etc from /data/data/

    is there a workaround? any practical advice is highly welcomed.

  • Yhh its good if OM have an option to save page to phone storage or external storage like in uc mini and OM for java. Please even java version have that feature to export save pages

  • Yhh its good if OM have an option to save page to phone storage or external storage like in uc mini and OM for java. Please even java version have that feature to export save pages

    true bro..

  • In high saving there are times when sites with advanced mobile view like Facebook and youtube are not rendered correctly. I hate it when it happens because it sticks for quite some time and restarting didn't help.

    Here's one of the occurrence, it wasn't supposed to display like that

  • Hi. Thanks for your valuable feedback!

    Offline page improvement is one of the planned feature improvements in 2017. I'll share your feedback to our team.

    @d-wa, yes the layout issue is a known issues in the Wi-Fi Data savings mode and the compression team is looking into the problem.

  • @miyukiwork:

    enhanced offline page management sounds great.

    i (and sure many others) would lile to see another topic on your list of new year's resolutions: unrestricted user choice of default search engine away from google.

    many thanks for the bestest minibrowser for the mobile net, and new year's greetings to all team and users.

  • @cubot and all

    Some of our non-secret new year's resolutions are

    • Performance improvement

    • Better video experiences

    • Better onehand support

    I hope you enjoy using Opera Mini during the holidays and we wish all the best new year!

  • Hello,

    This has been requested multiple times, but I'll do it again, please, please, please add a quick toggle on the menu (like Opera) or on the main bar (and/or main screen) between both "extreme" and "data savings" mode, as switching between the 2 modes is one of the most repeated tasks I perform in opera mini.

    It is very annoying to go to a completely different screen just to simply toggle the two modes, I understand wanting to show off the data savings on the complete screen, but for those who need a quicker toggle, Please at least give us that option.

    Thanks and have a great new year!

  • Actually I'm waiting for Built in media player & Adblocking improvements.
    The inbuilt download manager is ok but still poor compared to UC Browser.
    After all Opera Mini is getting good.
    But At least let us play those downloaded videos via MX Player instead of Opera Mini's built in player.

  • @jackob11:

    afaik opera mini does not have a media player, but uses the youtube app or other players on the device. i killed the youtube and google player app, using tubemate and newpipe with vlc instead.

    the adblocking thing is due to mini's intrinsic design as a web proxy client, won't be easy to fix other than switch on/off (which works good enough for me).

    i'd rather like to see more efforts re user privacy against google/bing/yahoo etc.

    fair enough, let's see what 2017 brings.

  • @cubot
    I was saying about the web video playing feature as media player.
    After download a video by opera mini & then open it from downloaded list then always those downloaded videos plays using Opera Mini's video playing feature.
    But I want to play those downloaded videos using MX Player but there has no way to do it inside from Opera Mini.
    Previous version of Opera Mini like Opera Mini 19 always plays those downloaded videos using devices other media player.
    & the video playing feature of Opera Mini is too poor to use

  • @jackob11:
    now i see what you mean about video download playback. i never used that feature before, as i usually go to play and use tubemate or newpipe to download in the resolution and format of my choice.
    the only way to get videos on my reduced and limited data rate.

  • i have a question.

    why large downloads (wait for wifi) has no effect when extreme mode data savings is off?

    obviously, downloads will start immediately even when wifi is not available. (mobile network is connected)