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Why does this window keep popping up (on 12.16 browser)?

  • Whenever I use Opera 12.16 browser (I have not installed the newer version(s) yet, still thinking about it), why does a window pop up every 2-3', saying: "Authentication failed for The server responded: myopera is closed. For more information, see"?

    I know myopera is closed, and that my opera e-mail no longer works (I was one of the slow ones to find out fast enough to do something about it, as I only found out it was closing about when it did, late Feb/early March). But how do I get this irritating pop up message to go away, so I can continue to use Opera 12.16 browser w/o this interruption? Do I have to formally close myopera e-mail or something? Help please and thanks in advance. tk

  • Mail account. You're set up to check mail on the former MyOpera mail service, but they closed that service down last month, so you are seeing an error message. Tell the system to no longer check for mail on that account.

  • sg, thx, I thought that was it. I'll try to work thru that and try to turn off the e-m check. Any way you can quickly tell a newbe how that's done? thx again. I'll be going to my mail account now and try to find it.

  • I went to the "wrench" thingy and uncked a few things...We'll see if that works, I'll let you know.

  • Tools, Mail and Chat Accounts, select MyOpera account, edit, Incoming tab, to disable checking.

    Unless you have email stored in that account, just delete it. Or, forward it to yourself first using another account, then delete it.

  • Thx pesala, I think that will do it! I haven't ck'd stuff like that in a long time. Not being that computer savy, it's easy to forget how to do stuff. I appreciate your (you guys) help!

  • Yes and since I didn't get the closing notice (for myopera e-m) in time, that's what i've had to do; cut and paste many of my saved e-mails that I don't want want deleted, paste them to another e-m account, then fwd to self. time consuming but effective for the most part I guess. I wish I'd known sooner so I could have forwrded them using myopera, but alas, after March, myopera was closed.