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  • Android 5.1 Verizon Ellipsis 10 tablet in Tablet mode

    Anyone else seeing this problem? I had to disable data savings in both stable and beta Opera. Otherwise, non-https pages don't load or take forever to load. This may have been going on for a while as I've been testing other browsers and wasn't using Opera much until the beta release on December 17.

    I tried just disabling ad blocker, but that didn't help. Problem occurs with both Desktop and Mobile agents.

    I mentioned this in another thread, but thought more people might see the message in a separate thread.

  • I've just checked and it seems OK here. From where are you trying to access?

  • I am in Australia and for the last few days, Opera Mini when on data savings (cell phone internet connection) is impossibly slow. It works well on my home WiFi/ADSL wired connection when data savings is turned off.

    I can't actually use Opera Mini for its intended purpose (to save data) and have had to return to Chrome, even though Opera Mini is my favourite.

    I've tried un-installing, clearing cache and data and it still is horribly slow on cell phone data and using your servers.

    I have a Samsung J3 with Android 5.1.


  • Just tried again (with stable Opera for Android) with same result. I'm in Naperville, IL (USA), a Chicago suburb. I've been testing with the Microsoft news site, but also tried Opera forums with same result.

    Chrome and Chrome Beta with data savings on work fine, as do Firefox and Firefox beta with a data compression addon (which uses Google servers).

    Speedtest app and web site give expected results so I think my internet connecyion is ok (using wifi with cable modem). With Opera, I had to turn off data savibgs to get Speedtest site to come up.

  • Exactly the same here, both android opera 37 and android opera mini 16 suffered poor performance with wifi savings on. When wifi savings is disabled, performance returns to normal. This has been occuring for about 3 days, i think.

    I have not tested the situation on mobile phone network, however.

    Several different devices, with android versions 4.1 to 5.0.1

    Located in north america.

  • I just tested the latest version of Opera Mini and it works somewhat okay in Extreme Mode but not the standard data saving mode. Actually, its not working at all in the standard data saving mode.

    So, Wifi/ADSL at home works well with data saving turned off, Extreme Mode works okay, normal data savings mode doesn't work at all - on all phones that I have tried.

    It has always worked before the last few days.

    I'm in Sydney, Australia, just west of the city, in the Blue Mountains.

  • I just checked with wifi turned off through Android settings to force use of mobile network (Verizon). In that case Opera works fine with data savings on. My wifi provider is Wide Open West (WOW). So it looks to me like the problem is IP address related.

  • I turned my router firewall off, then on, which reset my router, and everything returned to normal.

  • Seems to be normal here now, as well. Rebooted wireless router first before testing though. Currently on mini with high, all options enabled. Pages load fast.

  • Yep, confirm. Some sites hosted by Ovh ISP France are blocked in EU zone. Overall loading speed tend to be slower with Opera Max also. Perhaps the Chinese are learning how to push some buttons, either way Opera Browser is Puffin lookalike and to reduce the servers load some changes must be made on backend.

  • Well, Puffin has the same problem with or without Opera Max enabled so it can't be a server side error (proxy dependent). Checking my ISP peer count doesn't reveal any issues.

  • Maybe I should start a new thread on this, but I think it's related to the Opera servers "problem". While testing the newest Opera Beta (41.1.2246.111644) that was released today, I found ad blocking is not working for either stable or beta Opera for Android. I restarted my router, but thaat didn't fix the problem.

  • Everything is working fine at the moment after not working well on data savings and mobile internet for days.

  • Based on meter on menu, data savings is working for stable Opera. I assume it's working for newest beta, although there's no easy way for me to tell if it's actually doing anything (since there's no meter). However, ad blocking is still not working with either stable or beta. Naperville, IL USA

  • Based on something I saw in the forums about IP address ranges, I tried clearing Opera caches through Android settings AND restarting my router. Now adblock works for stable 37.0.2192.105088 and beta 41.1.2246.111644. This also fixed a seemingly unrelated problem with Naked Browser Pro.

  • The problems with Opera Reader mode and Naked Browser Pro came baxk. I got sidetracked and didn't check Opera ad blocker. Clearing caches through Android fixed both problems.I'm beginning to think this has something to do with Opera Max. If the problem comes back, I'll do some Opera Max testing, and may need to post about this in the Opera Max forum.

  • This topic turned into an off-topic mess. If needed please open new topic(s) for (each) different issues.