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  • The first Opera developer 44.0.2440.0 (for Windows only). The announcement 😉

    "We are working with making Opera even faster on Windows machines, using a technique named “PGO” (Profile Guided Optimizations”), and it’s time to show off the first results.

    This is preview build for public testing. Note, that auto update is disabled. If you like to check this build, just grab the installer.

    What is PGO?

    Most of Opera is written in C++, and it is the C++ compiler’s job to convert the C++ to machine code, that a computer can run. Unfortunately, it cannot try to make all the code fast, because that would make the program huge (and slow), so instead it tries to find a balance where programs become reasonably fast.

    With the help of Profile Guided Optimizations (PGO) we can do better. By selecting a number of important scenarios, the training set, we can teach the compiler, what code is important, and what is less important. There is for instance code to handle errors, and rarely used web features, which does not have to be extremely fast, and can instead be made small and efficient. The same for code related to user interaction. It does not matter to a human, if a click is processed in 2 milliseconds or 1 millisecond, since humans are slow.

    Test environment

    The results below are from a computer running Windows 7 x64, using an i7-6700 CPU locked at 3.4 GHz. In the startup tests Opera was stored on an SSD. We’ve compared x64 build number 43.0.2440.0 compiled with, and without PGO.


    We see improvements on a lot of different tasks, so we think we have trained the compiler well. It now seems to do a good job, optimizing the most important parts of the browser. Below, are some numbers we have collected, but note, that this is still work in progress and this is just a snapshot data.

    Startup time

    We see a 13% faster startup in our testing, using the computer described above (SSD, and enough RAM to avoid paging).

    Web page library speed

    The Speedometer benchmark is 5% faster with PGO.

    JavaScript performance

    Since JavaScript is not compiled by the C++ compiler, we would not expect much change. However, tests show that:

    – The Sunspider benchmark is 2.4% faster with PGO.

    – The Octane benchmark is 1% faster with PGO.


    We are still tuning the builds to get the largest impact. We want to have the largest improvements where it matters the most, and I don’t think we’ve reached the optimal training set yet."

    The Chromium has been updated to version 56.0.2924.10.

    ☕ \m/ :cheers:

  • The first Opera developer 44.0.2463.0 in 2017 😉

    The change log, and the announcement.

    "Happy New Year!

    This is the first post this year, and Opera 44 cycle is starting! We’ve been working on some new features for you to preview. Note that some of them, described below, are in early development stages, so you might not find a flag to switch them on to take a look, but please stay tuned.

    Mac: Touch bar UI

    Some time ago, Apple introduced a Touch Bar on MacBook Pros, and an API to allow applications to use it. Opera will use the Touch Bar to allow for common actions, such as going back, focusing the address field, or navigating through your Speed Dials and tabs. We didn’t like how Safari had implemented the screenshots of tabs, so we went with a much more useful icons and colours.

    Credential Management API

    Password management is one of the major features of any browser. On web sites, which use a login form, the user entered credentials are stored by the browser’s password manager, and later on it allows the user to log in to the site using the stored credentials. The credential management API provides a mean for a website to control storing, and filling in of credentials for a site. The site can use password based sign-ins, or federated sign-ins, such as Google or Facebook account, via the API. When the user logs in to a site that utilizes credential management API, the credentials are stored in the password manager. On further visits, the site successfully logs in the user with the credentials API methods. All this gives the site more control over the usage of credentials. You can see the feature in action here.

    Hardware accelerated non-MSE video

    We are working on hardware accelerating more videos on Windows. We are already using the graphics processor (GPU) for videos, that are streamed (MSE), like they are on for instance YouTube. Now we are adding GPU support for most of the remaining videos (non-MSE).

    This should lower the power consumption and CPU usage and also prevent high resolution videos from being jerky.

    Note: Not all graphics cards, and drivers can handle hardware-accelerated video. Check opera:gpu to see how your graphics card is doing. If that page doesn’t say “Video Encode: Hardware accelerated”, then you might need a newer hardware driver, or different hardware altogether to take advantage of this.

    Block malware shortcuts to be opened in Opera

    Last year, we introduced additional protections for risky downloads. Now, we want to protect users from being misdirected to harmful websites by malware-infected shortcuts, opened from other applications.

    Malware infecting browsers is an increasing threat on the internet. Together with our Fraud and Malware Protection, we believe this should decrease possible threads, that come from such attacks, and to increase user awareness of what’s being opened in their browser.

    ☕ \m/ :cheers:

  • hi!
    i tried the new opera developer with a new macbook pro 2016 with touch bar (13"), but nothing happened in the touch bar.
    do i first have to activate something?
    thank you

  • The first Opera developer 44.0.2463.0 in 2017 😉

    In fact this is the first official Opera developer 44 build as the PGO one is considered something apart of Opera 44 cycle.

  • hi!
    i tried the new opera developer with a new macbook pro 2016 with touch bar (13"), but nothing happened in the touch bar.
    do i first have to activate something?
    thank you

    Maybe you need to enable it on opera://flags. You should also not that some of those features may not be available yet.

  • hi!
    i tried the new opera developer with a new macbook pro 2016 with touch bar (13"), but nothing happened in the touch bar.
    do i first have to activate something?
    thank you

    Maybe you need to enable it on opera://flags. You should also not that some of those features may not be available yet.

    yeah, of course, but thats the first announced feature, so i thought i give it a try 😉

    edit: you were right, found it in opera://flags. thank you

  • Opera 43 restarts on Ubuntu 16.10 64-bit:

    1. Run Opera with --ssl-version-max=tls1.3.

    2. Go to a site that uses TLS 1.3 (e.g.

    3. Click on the padlock. Opera restarts.

    Hi @joakimwallden The bug should be fixed in the latest version (44.0.2463.0) - "DNA-58519 Crash when clicking the security badge on". I have tested it on the, and it didn't crash 😉

  • Opera Developer 43: Extension - Background worker

    Is there a way to disable (Background worker) extension?

    Hi @rocky-iv, you can try to follow the below steps (it works in my case):

    1. Open a terminal window, and run the Opera with the command line switch as follows:

    /usr/bin/opera-developer --show-component-extension-options

    1. Open the "Extensions" page (Ctrl+Shift+E), scroll down to "Background worker", and click the "Disable" button.

    After that you can launch the Opera as usual (without the above switch).

  • since Opera developer 44.0.2463.0 the html_videoplayer doesn't work only flash will start! When I flash block the video do not start! Is it a new bug?

  • I have Opera 44 running on 2 laptops using Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro and 1 desktop using Windows 7 Pro. All 3 machines are having the same issue, which started recently. When I type something into the Google search field on the Opera speed dial screen and predictive text is displayed, when I click on a selection, it does not populate in the search field. I have to continue typing the entire text in the search field and then hit the search icon to complete it. This is so frustrating. Selecting predictive text in Opera used to work on all 3 machines but not anymore. Internet Explorer 11 and Chrome work fine selecting predictive text on all 3 machines, just not in Opera. How can this be resolved? Thank you.

  • New update - Opera developer 44.0.2475.0 😉

    The change log, and the announcement.

    "Hi, we’re releasing fresh developer version for you today. It contains number of fixes. Most important are:

    – Notification setting icon opens notification exceptions settings.

    – Bookmarks and browsing history are imported from the default browser successfully again.

    – Some Linux fixes containing fonts and not readable pages.

    – Search&copy pop-up fixes.

    You’ll also find new flag #more-share-menu-access-points on Mac. It enables sharing in macOS via the main menu and the selection popup.

    Chromium was updated to version 57.0.2950.4.

    Known issues:

    – The hereby build for Windows is non-PGO one.

    – H264 is not working on Linux with the currently available Chromium codecs package."

    Regarding the H264 issue, you can try a temporary workaround as follows (it works in my case):

    1. Download the opera-developer-ffmpeg-codecs-56.0.2924.10-1 package from the Heracura's repo: 32-bit, or 64-bit version,

    2. Navigate to the Opera's root folder, create a new subfolder "lib_extra", and extract the "" file from the package to this subfolder.

    ☕ \m/ :cheers:

  • New update - Opera developer 44.0.2487.0 😉

    The change log, and the announcement.

    "Today’s release is a quick bug fix update."


    – [Windows] UAC dialog on startup after accepting protocol handler toolbar for Gmail.

    – Few currency converter fixes.

    – [MacOS <10.12] Extensions layout is fixed.

    ☕ \m/ :cheers:

  • New update - Opera developer 44.0.2494.0 😉

    The change log, and the announcement.

    "Hi, please take a look at the new developer build, that we’ve prepared for you today.

    We fixed some synchronization issues, and new MacBooks users will find some touch bar UI fixes.

    Voice your questions and concerns in the comments.

    Known issues:

    – Opera might fail to start if Ubuntu’s Chromium package is installed.

    – There are no Windows PGO packages this time."

    ☕ \m/ :cheers:

  • Great, crashing immediately. From the fastest to the slowest, doesn't move at all, doesn't start.

    Same problem as described on the blog. I use Opera Developer to develop and try out extensions. No more I guess, forced to be on hold.

    Known issue, I don't like the attitude shipping products in this state, it's disrespectful to other software, forcing a user to remove Chromium. Better skip a version, if you can't make it work.

    Hopefully it will be fixed soon.

  • New update (be aware, it can be quite of surprise) - Opera developer 44.0.2505.0 😉

    The change log, and the announcement.

    "Today, we’re bringing you a brand new refresh of our user interface in the developer stream. This work is part of a bigger project, code-named Reborn, which we will tell you more about soon. However, starting from today, you can preview its fresh look, and the new set of features.

    Brand new look and feelOpera's entire design has been updated with a new, high-quality graphical design that is less platform-specific. The tabs are simplified, lighter and more elegant, making it easier to locate open tabs. The new sidebar is more subtle and refined, with a touch of animation. Speed Dial has also been given a fresh look with smooth animations.

    Two colors

    Opera is now available in two theme colors: light and dark. We’ve also designed three new backgrounds, that perfectly complement Opera’s new look and feel. Both, the background wallpaper, and the browser color can be managed under Themes.

    Browser sidebar

    Opera’s sidebar has been moved from Speed Dial to the main browser window, similar to how it is in Opera Neon. This first version of the new sidebar gives you one-click access to important tools, such as bookmarks, history, personal news and extensions. You can customize the tools, that appear in the sidebar, according to what you find useful.

    The new sidebar will be visible by default for new users (current users will have the option to turn it on by flipping the switch in Speed Dial).

    Sidebar for Facebook Messenger

    Communication is truly important on the web, but today switching between tabs, when responding to a message is cumbersome, and inefficient. In this version, we have added the ability to keep – Facebook Messenger’s standalone website – as a side tab. More social services are planned in the future.

    To use Facebook Messenger in Opera, click the icon on the top of the sidebar. After you log in to the site, there are two ways of using Facebook Messenger in the sidebar: you can open it in overlay, or pin it, and use it side-by-side with your current tab. The second option allows you to combine online chat with a full browsing experience.

    Zero-click network installer (for Windows)

    We’ve been working on providing you with an even quicker, simpler installation process. If you install Opera Developer for Windows using this link, the installer will start the installation process right after it’s launched, requiring no further clicks. The same solution will soon be available for everyone who downloads Opera at

    Of course, you can still go through the full installation process by choosing the “Download the offline package” option on our download page, or by using a USB installer.

    Chromium is updated to version 57.0.2987.19.

    ☕ \m/ :cheers:

  • Ok, the new additions are great...

    But there's a minor issue with the new sidebar... If you use the extensions sidebar like I do, you will end up with two sidebars, see:

    Alt text

    which is not great, it's a waste of space.

    Would not be better to merge this two sidebars into one? The facebook messenger already looks like a sidebar extension, so it would be nice.

    Other thing, the extensions sidebar color should match the new one, imo.. Besides, when you switch to the dark theme, the extension sidebar remains the same light color... needs fix..

    And yes, add Telegram to the sidebar, please asap... 🙂


    Crashing when moving tabs out of the window and putting back. See:

    Alt text


    What "Show system color on top bar" does? See:

    Alt text

    I enabled it but didn't see any difference.


  • I enabled it but didn't see any difference.

    Yep, it doesn't seem to be working with Reborn. Don't know if it's a bug or if this feature somehow got deprecated by Reborn.

  • Might only apply to the old XP-style Windows themes anyway (in XP, Opera tended to always use blue on the top bar, even if your theme was olive - as mine was). As 44 will never run on XP and is no longer transparent in 7 with the standard theme, probably no longer functional. In Windows ... I guess I'll need to check on Linux.

  • Hey, minor issue here: while watching fullscreen youtube videos in the top corners there are 2 grey lines.

  • Welp. i know what it is, if you have any other window open, and you don't minimize it will show those lines. (just open the window and then in the task bar click opera.)

    (minimizing the window this "fixes", yet you need some type of program that has a black backroung if you don't want these lines)