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[Solved]Help to recover 60 closed tabs

  • Help! I accidentally clicked on "Closed all tabs" in Opera (Android 6.0.1) and I had 60 tabs opened. I could only recover 11 manually with the "reopen last closed tab" function. Is there anyway to recover all of them?
    I immediately turned off the Wi-Fi on my phone ad downloaded Opera on my laptop to see if by syncing tabs I could recover them but it looks like the sync to my account happened faster than I could turn the Wi-Fi off.
    I don't understand why a self-destruct button like this one is built in right next to the "reopen last closed tab".

    I appreciate your help in advance, these 60 tabs were very important (I also use Evernote and Pocket but sometimes I just don't have time to keep up with my reading)

  • Also I tried to go through my search history, but it is limited to the past 3 days only? Can't scroll down any more than that. I don't understand why that is: I never exit Opera

  • Is there anyway to recover all of them?

    You could have checked history.

  • Hi leocg and thanks for your post. That's another thing that I mentioned in my second post: I was indeed hoping to recover at least some of those tabs by going through my history but when I checked it, it only goes back a couple days max. Same story on all my other mobile devices, what gives?

  • Found a solution! Thought I'd share in case someone else has this issue:

    1. download Opera browser on your laptop
    2. Sign in and sync everything
    3. After a few minutes, type browser://sync-internals in your address bar
    4. Go to the "Sync Node Browser" tab at the top
    5. Open the "Session" folder and there you will see a record of your tabs. I clicked on all of them manually and copy/pasted the "virtual_url" field in each of them onto a note. It won't restore it on your phone but at least you can find all your URLs there.

    The reason I found all of this is because tabs between my phone and the computer are not syncing. Between that and the "close all tabs" / self-destruct button, I'm really getting annoyed

  • Thanx for the research. Might be useful in future