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  • So, I'm using windows 7 Professional:

    ALWAYS (and I can't believe that I'm the ONLY PERSON ON THE PLANET that will complain about this, obviously), using windows 7, when I go full screen viewing a video on youtube, I get the message, "FULL SCREEN IS UNAVAILABLE".

    Before today, I clicked on the video, and the message would go away. Now, it JUST WON'T GO AWAY!!!!

    However, after a few tries, it seems that it's flakey, and sometimes it WILL go away, and sometimes it won't.

    This is because I have two screens active, a 1920x1080 on the left, that I use most of the time, and I can slide my mouse cursor to the right to another 1920x1080 to the right side. They aren't duplicate screens, but one continuous screen.

    GOOGLE CHROME DOES NOT HAVE THIS PROBLEM AT ALL! ( no error message that it can't go "fullscreen")

    P.S. This messageboard computer program is TERRIBLE! I wrote a message, thought I double posted, then went and erased it, and LUCKILY the message I wrote was in the history buffer of google chrome which I am using to post, BECAUSE I couldn't log in using Opera through FACEBOOK here, and thinking that maybe it was an OPERA issue, started google chrome to log in to post, which didn't work, so had to make an account using an email service.

  • I figured out how to edit first post making this one unnecessary.

    Oh, wait, I have another comment.... I found it IMPOSSIBLE to log in using FACEBOOK??!?!???!

  • Okay, so I was checking to see which version I was using, because that's one of the thingings that should be included in a complaint, and found this;

    37.0.2178.32 - Restart Opera to update to version 41.0.2353.69

    Then it said "updating to new version, do you want to relaunch OPERA?"...

    Choosing "yes", that problem above went away.

    HOWEVER!!! I DID have that as a problem for MONTHS only TODAY was it giving me the problem of the "fullscreen" warning not wanting to turn off.

  • If I remember correctly, there was a bug regarding (video) full screen some versions ago but it was already fixed. As you seem to have already noticed.