Why is RaptureReady blocked?

  • Every time I visit the RaptureReady forums I get a malicious site warning. You can reach it at:


    I haven't seen anything malicious there. Not a virus, not a pop-up. No redirects to other sites. It's a forum, just like the countless other forums on the internet. What's more, the forumites there are generally good people, as you can expect since it's a Christian web forum.

    Why was this flagged as malicious? Is there proof of malicious code detected there, or was it just anti-Christian bias on behalf of whoever it was that flagged it?

    Thanks for your time.

  • Why does it say it was blocked? Yandex saw a link to malware while indexing the site (Yandex being a search engine based in Russia). The site owner would have to ask Yandex why they were flagged - could be a link in a sig, etc.

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