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Operamini is not compatible with some WordPress themes

  • Hello i have a website and i use the newspaper theme by tagdiv but anytime i open my website on operamini it doesn't show anything the screen goes black. Is there a solution?

  • @kingelemide:

    opera mini 21 beta v110494 displays correctly for me.

    extreme savings and adblock ON, pics in medium quality

    are you clickbaiting?

  • I confirm kingelemide's notice, the site is displaying almost without details on a black background, but for a split second during page reloading one can see its correct appearance - stopping reloading at this moment the site details can be seen but with only half the images posted there.

    OM 18 stable

  • maybe the problems are caused by the pixeltsunami from the embedded images on phones with tight ram?

  • For example, OM 18 opens this Daily Mail "Whole Home Page" version ( without displaying all images on it but although this page is more complex than that previously mentioned it is still readable, displayed without completely black background.

    OM 18; extreme mode, normal page layout, Ad blocking disabled, images in low quality.

  • OM 18

    What about Opera 20?

  • "What about Opera 20?". This remark was for me?

    Opera 20? Nee, nee, Thx.

    As you already know it has a lot of glitches. Thread dedicated to it on this forum is full of complaints. I rather wait for something more reliable.

  • @arkad:

    no reason to be scared.
    OM20 is fine for stability, give it a try. you can backdateif you want to replace it with a previous version.

    i have even started to use the latest OM21beta versions (hoping to find permanent search engine selection), no problems so far and maybe somewhat improved downloads.

  • @cubot;

    I appreciate your advise, really.

    Actually yes, I have concerns about OM 20, because if I find it more faulty than
    OM 18 then I will have to waste time looking for safe source to download this version which I have already used and thus is known to me.

    I don't have free access to the internet, so I'm interested whether this new
    version keeps the connection to the network whether disconnects after downloading the content?
    There's no info about that.

    Downloading new version with some improvements and at the same time losing a couple of other functionalities of older versions it is not worth for me.

    I am surprised that there is no access to the online emulator of the new version, as in the past, to test it before downloading.

    I was testing betas since version 5 till 13 when suddenly I lost all saved pages, over 600 MB of precious content.

  • @arkad:


    maybe i am too well libated after dining with the itaian neighbors,

    but maybe you are expecting too much from what is essentially a free software. the coders still gotta pay their bills and feed their kids.

  • @arkad:


    maybe i am too well libated after dining with the itaian neighbors,

    but maybe you are expecting too much from what is essentially a free software. the coders still gotta pay their bills and feed their kids.

  • @arkad:

    APK Extractor or APKShare (from https:// f-droid .org/, a safe source) will archive your installed apps as *.apk hosts older versions and is generally reguarded as a safe source.

    i haven't d noticed any undue background traffic from OM20 so far, but will run networklog on it again and report the findings here.

  • Hey cubot,

    links which you have provided I find very useful, thanks.

    I must emphasize, however, the serious BUT seeing the 5 editions of OM 20 in less than three weeks, this looks disturbingly, don't you think.

    Let's wait and see what a brand new edition brings, which I guess will be in January.

    Referring to the coders, I have nothing against them, they are doing a great job, especially when they like to do it, but it does not apply to the management, which does't feel the blues.

  • @arkad:
    re: opera mini 20 v110627, background traffic

    fwiw, network log 2.25.1 (from f-droid) reports 70kb traffic from om over 24hrs, 30 up and 40 down on idle in background, all of that to opera's ip adressed servers. most traffic from start, to establish the web proxy channel, afterwards to update encryption keys.

    so nothing suspicious happening, afaik, and no excessive background traffic.

    although the latter might happen occasionally w/ beta versions, as opera sometimes uses beta version installs to test performance; no big deal for me with costfree slow 32kbit/s, if this is an issue then goto om20 stable, which wont do that.