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[Solved] Shockwave Problem on Opera 41.0.2353.69 Win 7

  • Hi,

    I downloaded Shockwave Full by using your guidelines but my Opera still not detecting the plug-in. It detects Flash but not this.

    I tried to use this,

    ---Download and install the plug-in.
    Close and restart Opera so that the plug-in is detected. The plug-in should be listed under Page > Developer Tools > Plug-ins.
    In some cases, you may need to configure Opera so that it can find the plug-in. To do this, add the directory containing the plug-in to the plug-in path. From the Opera menu, select Settings > Preferences > Advanced > Content, click Plug-in options, then Change path.

    To be certain that Opera will use the plug-in and not an alternative application, go to Settings > Preferences > Advanced > Downloads , and select the mime-type associated with the plug-in. Click Edit, and make sure that Use plug-in is marked appropriately. ---

    From this page,

    But I don't have that, my plug in options doesn't have a change path option, or content. And I think Preferences became Settings and I have advanced options on. This is all I got relating plug-ins.

    ---Run all plug-in content

    Detect and run important plug-in content (recommended)

    Click to play

    Do not run plug-ins by default
    Manage exceptions…
    Learn more
    Manage individual plug-ins…----

    I don't know what to do and I'd appreciate any help, thanks.

  • From this page,

    Those instructions are for Opera Presto (Opera 12 and older) and are not valid for Opera Blink.

    Does Shockwave have a ppapi version? If yes, just download and install that version.
    If it doesn't have a ppapi/pepper version then it will not work with Chromium based browsers.

  • Shockwave is an old NPAPI type plugin.
    They haven't been supported on any Chromium-based browsers for quite a while now.
    You will have to use Internet Explorer or Firefox with that plugin I'm afraid.
    The last Chromium-based browser you can use AFAIK is Slimjet 10, which is based on Chromium 50 and supports NPAPI.
    I'm pretty sure there is no PPAPI version of the Shockwave Player plugin, Adobe only produced a PPAPI version of the Flash plugin.

  • Oh thanks, I'll use IE then that's fine.

    I never realised it didn't support.

    Shame, but oh well! Have a great day! @davehawley @leocg