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Opera does not go into fullscreen mode

  • Description: on Opera fails to enlarge to go into fullscreen mode.

    Steps to reoroduce: open in Opera in Andoroid TV and try to select the fullscreen button (bottom right).

    Actual result: selecting the fullscreen (and pause/resume buttons) has no effect. Volume and dragging the cursor on the replay bar backwards and forwards work flawlessly.

    Expected result: selecting the fullscreen button should change to fullscreen mode.

    OS: Android TV 6.0.1

    Phone model: Sony KD-43XD8305 TV


    Version of Opera: 32.0.2036.0

  • Version of Opera: 32.0.2036.0

    Latest version of Opera for Android is 37. Please upgrade and check if the problem still happens.

  • @leocg: I cannot update Opera. 32.0.2036.0 seems to be the most recent Opera version for Android TV 6.0.1, unfortunately.

  • I never heard of a different Opera version for Android TV, I always thought that there were only one Opera for Android.

    Maybe you can download and install it.

  • My understanding is that Opera is the only browser for which a specific version for Android TV has been developed. This is probably one of the reasons why Android TV comes with Opera and not with Chrome.

    The problem with generic browsers and Android TV is that the cursor can only be controlled via mouse, not using the remote. This is the case for Chrome and Chrome_Beta. I'll try 37.1.generic and report back, thanks for the link!

    I have discovered two more problems with Opera 32.0.2036.0:

    1. Opera does not open a link to Digital Concert Hall (DCH) contents with the DCH app. Instead, the link is opened in Opera itself.

    2. On many video streams, dragging the cursor forwards/backwards does not work.

    I am going to post specific reports on these two issues later. 1) is very annoying because Opera does a very poor job of rendering DCH streams. By contrast, the DCH app works fine.

  • I have now installed and tested 37.1.generic. With the new Opera version I can watch in fullscreen mode but the browser is otherwise pretty much unusable: the application can only be controlled with a connected mouse and replay controls (pause/resume, backwards/farwards) immediately freeze 37.1.generic. Streams of the Wiener Staatsoper cannot be decoded with 37.1.generic (the same streams can be decoded fine in Opera 32.0.2036.0). Summing up, 37.1.generic is not usable in Androis TV, unfortunately.