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Auto-suggest on URL cannot be removed from history

  • I've seen many threads about this issue and I have yet to find a solution.

    When I start typing on the URL bar, a suggest link comes up almost instantaneously. The feature is great however the issue is that few links that I have deleted from the history bar still seem to come up.

    I don't want to delete the entire browse history, but it seems to me that the auto-suggest

    Before answering, here are couple of things I have already attempted to solve the issue:

    -Delete from the history tab [ctrl + h]:

    I have deleted the link from the history tab yet the link still shows up whenever I start typing on the address bar. I
    have also used the search engine on the right side of the history tab and I've tried typing the entire URL, the name of
    the link, the description, even searched through links controlling the two letters, not there. But still appears.

    -Check if it's not on the bookmarks tab/speed-dial/bookmarks bar/unsorted bookmarks:

    I have looked through all of these options and I am almost certain this is not the problem. Also, when you search on
    the address bar, the left side of the suggestion box shows an icon indiciating where the link is from, history shows a
    clock symbol whereas a bookmarked link shows a heart symbol. The URL clearly shows the clock symbol.

    -Disable 'Use a prediction service to help complete searches and URLs typed in the address bar' under privacy:

    This did not seem to solve the issue, even after the exit. However, I would like to keep this feature as it is useful.

    -Delete your entire history:

    The auto-suggest function is quite useful, and I would want to keep the links I use commonly without deleting

  • Have you may be try this > click the "x" to remove the item you dont want to show in address bar


  • click

  • You seem to have a different version of Opera to what I have. The 'x' button does not seem to appear, strange.

  • Anyone have any ideas? emc's method doesn't seem to work on my version.

  • The suggestions are appearing as history itens?