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[Solved]Video players crashing Opera after Windows 10 update

  • After updating my computer to windows ten in July, fullscreening any video would cause the browser to crash. This only ever occurred with Opera, not chrome, IE or firefox. I continued using Opera as my main browser anyway since I don't fullscreen video very often.

    In the past few days video players have started causing Opera to lock up. It has been getting worse until tonight where Opera has become completely unable to play videos. It will immediately lock up if I open youtube or whatever.

    I've tried reinstalling Opera, updating flash, disabling my extensions, running all sorts of malware scans but none of this has had any effect. Turbo doesn't make a difference. All other browsers still work fine, including Opera 12.17 which I still have on my computer for some reason.

    I'd imagine if lots of people were having this problem it would be all over this forum but I seem to be the only one this is happening for. Still if anyone has any other ideas for things I could try I'd be happy to hear them.

    I guess the simple solution to this problem is to use another browser, but I like Opera and would like to keep using it if possible. Not being able to play videos is a dealbreaker though.

  • What happens if you disable hardware acceleration in Settings?

  • They started crashing on youtube for me too.

  • Disabling hardware acceleration doesn't change anything unfortunately. I've tried messing with all of the settings in opera/flash that look like they might have something to do with video and the result is still the same.

  • Ok, I feel stupid. I had set my video driver to automatically update but had neglected to give it privileges to do so. So my driver was old and causing video players to crash on Opera. Not sure why this only affected Opera, but updating my drivers fixed the problem.