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  • hello I am trying to figure out how to enable the flash because when I tr to play the deezer music it tells me to enable it . Iam on my lap top with windows ten

  • Download the Pepper Flash plugin installer here and run it.
    Then re-start Opera and it should pick it up.
    Opera does not include a Flash player and needs it to be installed on the system.
    The one provided with Windows 10 is only for Edge and Internet Explorer.

  • Thank you for your help.

  • No luck here. Deezer goes on telling me flash player is not working. All plugins are allowed. I also tryed pepper flash plugin.
    Everything was working fine before. I just left deezer with playing songs and it was asking if I really want to close the side. I did, since than it is no more working.
    Win10/64 bit all up to date. Onother browsers, edge, chrome deezer is working.
    Im useing opera for many years now and don t want to change.
    Sorry for my bad english.

  • Deezer goes on telling me flash player is not working

    Do you have Turbo or VPN enabled?

  • No, both are disabled.

  • No, both are disabled.

    Try disabling the ad blocker, if you are using it.

    BTW, what version of Opera and OS?

  • Opera41 Win10/64

    For disabling ad blocker I went to settings/website/Plug-ins/ 1st choice "enabel all plug ins" (translated)

    I have the following plug ins:

    1. Widevine Content Decryption Module
      Enables Widevine licenses for playback of HTML audio/video content. (version:
      F:\Users\Juergen\AppData\Roaming\Opera Software\Opera Stable\WidevineCdm\\win_x86\widevinecdmadapter.dll
      PPAPI (Out-of-Process)

    2.Chrome PDF Viewer (2 files)
    PPAPI (Out-of-Process)

    3.Adobe Flash Player
    Shockwave Flash 24.0 r0
    PPAPI (Out-of-Process)
    FutureSplash Player

    4.News feed handler

  • For disabling ad blocker I went to settings/website/Plug-ins/ 1st choice "enabel all plug ins"

    To disable the adblocker for a site, you click on the blue shield on the right of the address bar.

  • It looks like I don t have a adblocker. On the right site I just see bookmarks, downloads and synchronisation.

  • It´s working again. THANK YOU LEOCG!
    Don´t know what I did wrong before, maybe did not doublecheck VPN. Also you have to close and reopen OPERA again after changing settings. Once it says "Turbo turns off if you activate VPN. Fact is that i don´t know how to turn Turbo on and off.

    One other problem is Deezer on my smartphone. It just plays one song. I have to close Deezer, open it again for playing the next song. On the Deezer website I did not find much help (the stuff getting very complicated). Any information about that problem?

  • Any information about that problem?

    You mean when accessing it with Opera? If not hen you may get better luck on a Deezer forum.

    Fact is that i don´t know how to turn Turbo on and off.

    Menu > Opera Turbo.

  • I had a problem being unable to watch the videos on this site -

    The images were on the player & the play arrow would light up when I hovered over it but the video wouldn't play. I tried a quick search on this forum but couldn't find anything helpful - quite often it's pretty hard to find simple, definitive answers in the Opera forums!

    Anyway the way I fixed it instantly was to go to Settings (CTRL+F12)/Websites/Plug-ins (where I have "Click To Play" checked) and click on Manage Exceptions. Then insert the main site address (in this case and click on "Allow" as the option & then "Done". Voila! Videos now play! Hope this helps someone.

    Using Opera v41.0.2353.56

  • Menu > Opera Turbo.

    Shame on me.
    Thx again leocg.