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new version - OUT OF MEMORY issue

  • Since the upgrade to 41 i can not use OPERA. it previously worked fine for over a year.

    i tried to roll back to 40 but opera auto updates to 41 and then the problem continues.

    getting OUT OF MEMORY errors
    and reload does no good

    have to close

    i uninstalled and reinstalled 41 and that didnt work
    then i uninstalled and installed 40
    but as i said within 10 minutes 41 updates and then the problems start over

    what happened>???? this is really annoying
    I could NOT find any place to stop the auto update

    there has to be a way to run the older version until this issue is resolved
    and why is it happening?

    using WIn10 (completely updated and patched to the latest version).


  • I'm having the same issue. Opera works really slow since version 41. Randomly getting Out of memory page or even plain crashes... Already bothered with it since a few weeks. Thinking of abandoning the browser, because it happens a lot...

  • Same for me Specaly when i'm on . Its annoyin ...

  • I´m having same problems almost every day... I have 8GB RAM, it´s not possible to run out of memory. Opera, fix this please or I´ll be going back to Chrome.

  • I've never seen such issue here.

    What version of Opera and Windows are you using? Do you use any antivirus, security suite, antimalware or any other program that keeps monitoring your computer activities?

    What about extensions?

    Anything changes if you disable hardware acceleration?

  • Have you exactly monitored the free memory before Opera and then the memory used by all Opera processes?

  • For my case :

    Opera version : 42.0.2393.85
    Windows 10
    12 Gb of memory

    Only Avast antivirus.

    Extensions SPeed Dial for Gmail
    Twitch now
    ADblock Plus
    Smart RSS

    Hardware acceleration is unticked

    Still doest it even all extensions are off ...

  • I'm having exact same problem with version 42.0.2393.85 and I also had it with version 41, windows 10. I only have windows defender anti-virus and also have Hardware acceleration unchecked and extensions off.

  • So what are the steps to try to reproduce it?

  • Memory is fine until I start using Opera. Opera processes are hogging all the memory.
    Nothing changes when Hardware acceleration unchecked.
    This use to be my favorite browser but now I can't use it. When will this be fixed??

  • Memory is fine until I start using Opera

    Using Opera how? Just opening Opera, without any page opened, causes the issue? Do you need to open some pages for it to happen? If so, which ones?

    When will this be fixed??

    To fix it they need to be able to reproduce it.

  • I can open opera no problem but on any website watching any video after a couple of minutes that's when it crashes and says Out of Memory.

  • Well every time i got this problem, it appears when im on

    I was watching a replay from a streamer. It's weird

  • on any website watching any video

    Do you know if it's a Flash based video or a html5 one? Do you have a couple of examples where the problem happens?

    it appears when im on

    Any other page where the issue happens?

  • It's a HTML Video format.

    I will post it if this issue appears on different web pages

  • For me it's flash video and mostly on website

  • Can you post a screenshot of Opera's task manager at that point or shortly before?

  • I went to and nor with the stream on the home page nor with a randomly picked one I was able to reproduce the issue. It does uses a lot of memory but Opera never went 'out of memory'.

    I'm on Windows 10 running on a I5-4590 with 8GB of RAM and a Intel HD4600 graphic card if that matters.

  • It happened on, after watching some videos.

  • Today I was only able to watch 5 videos on EnganeMe.Tv and Opera said out of memory. I'm clearing the cache each time to see if it helps but no luck.