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new version - OUT OF MEMORY issue

  • this is how task manager looks like after about an hour of watching a stream

    Any stream? Some people have been reporting similar issue when watching streamings on Twitch.

  • Thanks to this forum discussion, I realized that, in my case, it was the VPN that was the main culprit. The VPN was introduced in Opera 40, on 9/20/16, but I didn't use it until either v41 or v42. I used it, just to see how well it would work, and I forgot and left it on all the time. I started getting regular crashes due to memory issues several weeks ago, crashes which became more and more frequent, until I finally got one last week that coincided with a Windows low memory message, which blamed it on Opera. I haven't seen such a message from Windows in ages, and certainly not on this laptop, which has 16gb of RAM. That meant that I had to take the issue seriously: it was more than an inconvenience. I did some looking and was shocked to see that pagefile.sys was >22 gb, leaving less than 2 gb free on my C: drive. Pagefile.sys is normally at 1 gb all the time. I have hiberfil.sys disabled, so I don't have to worry about that. Uninstalling and reinstalling Opera did not solve the problem. There had been no major software changes on my system. Although the VPN was the only thing I was doing differently, I considered that there might have been some other change in Opera to cause the problem, so I asked my friend Google about it. That eventually led me here. Stopping the VPN stopped the problem.

  • Disabling VPN in fact seems to stop the problem on my desktop, but on my notebooks VPN is enabled an works fine without causing "out of memory"-problems.

  • Disabling VPN in fact seems to stop the problem on my desktop, but on my notebooks VPN is enabled an works fine without causing "out of memory"-problems.

    Same OS?

    Same uptdates?

  • No, Win 7-64 prof, on the desktop an Win 8.1 prof and 10 prof. on the notebooks and almost the same software installed. But however, on the desktop only opera with VPN causes problems and all other browsers installed work fine (IE, Vivaldi, Firefox 64). I had VPN switched on again today and after watching youtube videos for half an hour, Opera ran out of memory, I had to close Opera and switch off VPN and since there are no issues.

  • You may try to test with a Virtual Machine, on the desktop with problems, maybe there is something different.

  • I got a response from a Mod on Opera Blog about this issue.

    Only recently we have been able to reproduce it on one local machine. Problem seems to affect only Windows machines and some user profiles. We still haven't found way to introduce this issue on any of developer machines so we aren't progressing with the fix as fast as we'd like to.

    In my experience, this "Out of Memory" error and the crash afterwards, only happens when VPN is active and while a video is being played.

  • I think that problem depends on location.
    The vpn protocol seems to be attacked because of its vulnerability.

  • In O46, it seems to be fixed

  • The issue is definitely not fixed. I have the latest version and the VPN is causing a massive memory leak that takes my RAM usage up to 98% within 15 seconds of logging on to most sites. It's not just an issue with streaming, as some people are reporting - it happens on Hotmail & Facebook, among other sites.

    I've disabled all extensions and it's definitely the VPN. Cannot roll back to an earlier version as it says my profile is from a later version - so unsure what else I can do to fix it?


  • The issue is definitely not fixed. I have the latest version

    The issue seems to be fixed in Opera 46, just released in developer channel.

    what else I can do to fix it?

    Yep, until 46 reaches stable channel or the fix is back-ported to Opera 45. Or you can use the developer build, what is only recommend if you know the consequences of it.

  • No that's fine. I don't mind waiting thanks.

  • Markdown. I am currently having the same problem with Opera using too much memory. A dialogue box will open from Windows telling me that it is searching for a solution before it's shuts the Opera session down. I am using Windows 7 64

    Any suggestions before I start using another browser?

  • Any suggestions before I start using another browser?

    Reading this topic would be a good start. 🙂

  • Definitely having recent problems with VPN consistency, and out of memory message. Just in the past two weeks aprox. Hope this is fixed soon.

  • Same problem here, too. Open just a couple of tabs with sites that were never a problem before, and next thing you know Opera is using 3 fricken' GIGAbytes of memory and even when I close a bunch of tabs nothing changes. The only thing that helps, very temporarily, is to close the browser and reopen it. This is making it almost unusable. I'll be in the middle of an important project and suddenly my computer is threatening to freeze up because Opera is hogging so much memory. I really liked Opera previously, and I'd like to stick with it, but not like this. If it's fixed quickly, great. If not, I don't have the time or energy to screw around with crap like this.

  • Problem seems to have already been fixed on developer and beta channels, waiting to arrive on stable channel.

  • I get the same crash on twitch when watching streams.

  • I have same problem. Described here:

    Rather quickly, within an hour or two, grows from 1.8GB to 7.5GB+, and sometimes trigger windows "low on memory" warning.

    (Windows 7, 64 bit)

    Can't remember when it started, some time last year maybe. And on multiple computers(2) and installations(4), all running Windows 7 64 bit.

  • Just to clarify, I have the latest developer version and the problem is not fixed in it. It still happens when watching twitch streams.