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How to eliminate Mailing Lists in Opera Mail?

  • I uncheck Mailing Lists, but every time it reopens it is checked again. My Mailing Lists are hundreds of listings and I don't care to use them. How do I get rid of them from the side Panel?

  • The "Mailing Lists" access point in the mail panel is hard-coded to reappear every time you receive a mailing list message. So, hiding it won't help.

    Instead, right-click in the mailing lists area and create a new folder. Name it "Hidden". Then, (one-by-one), drag each mailing list you want to hide into that folder. Then, collapse that folder.

    That will make "Mailing Lists" use less height and only show the mailing lists you actually want in the top level. Then, if you want, collapse "not hide" "Mailing Lists" so it only takes up a tiny bit of vertical space. Then, it shouldn't bother you too much.

    Once in a while though, expand "Mailing Lists" and see if there are any junk mailing lists in the top level. If so, drag them to "Hidden".

    For mailing lists where you still receive messages, don't delete the mailing lists to get rid of it as it'll just come back and reexpand "Mailing Lists". Instead, keep them and hide them like suggested.

  • Thanks a bunch I will try that work around.

  • Good option but that is just a work around, I spend minutes a day deleting the hundreds of Mailing List entries that accumulate, is there a way to stop them appearing at all. I never use them, they are just an unwanted annoyance.

  • is there a way to stop them appearing at all.

    No. Behavior is hard-coded and automatic with no option to turn it off.

  • This so called 'feature' is very annoying. I am totally baffled why it even exists, and why Opera allows it to be 'hard-coded'.

    Perhaps I am just not seeing the usefulness for a list of uncompromisable data. Can someone please explain how this feature can be useful?

  • Can someone please explain how this feature can be useful?

    If you are signed into many mailing lists, it may be useful to have their messages easily separated so you can read the ones in the more important list before.

    There are for sure other reasons for it to be useful.