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Opera Portable - Flash Player Support

  • Hi,

    I've just installed the Portable version of Opera for windows.

    How can i enable support for flash player? (i don't have administrator rights to install it on the OS)

  • You can't. Opera uses Flash that is installed in the OS.

  • I've checked, and after all, the computer i'm using already has flash player installed on the OS.

    However, Opera can't detect him... How can i force it to detect the flah player installed?

  • If it's NPAPI it won't work. You would have to install the PPAPI version of Flash Player.

  • Ok. Thank you.

    I guess i'm going back to firefox portable then....

  • Which is going to discontinue support for PPAPI flash coming up here in a few weeks. Instead of just kicking the can down the road maybe work at fixing the problem?

  • Lol,

    And what do you suggest i should do?

    • Force Spotify people to convert their webplayer to HTML5?
    • Force my company SysAdmins to send their security rules to trash and give everyone administrator rights?
    • Get back to firefox browser..

    I think the choice is obvious...

  • And what do you suggest i should do?

    Install PPAPI Flash on your system as has already been suggested? You are using NPAPI Flash, which is being discontinued by all major browsers by the end of the year. Install PPAPI Flash to replace it. What part of that don't you understand?

  • You kidding right?

    As i said, i don't have administrator rights, so, install flash is not an option.

    On Firefox Portable, i put the flash dll on the plugins folder, and problem solved.

    Opera Portable, should have a similar solution.

  • Force my company SysAdmins to send their security rules to trash and give everyone administrator rights?

    Just as a curiosity, do your company allows employees to run 'external' programs that are not installed on the company's computers?

  • Create a shortcut to launcher.exe and pass the command-line arguments to tell it where to look for the ppapi version of flash .

    Something like:

    "C:\Users\user\desktop\opera portable\launcher.exe "--ppapi-flash-path=C:\Users\user\desktop\opera portable\flash" "--ppapi-flash-version="

    might work (where pepflashplayer64_23_0_0_205.dll for example is in the "flash" folder).

    Of course, you'll have to create the "flash" folder and put all the necessary ppapi files in it. You might have to grab them from "C:\Windows\System32\Macromed\Flash" on another system or extract the files from the ppapi flash installer. I'm not sure if you need just the pepflashplayer64.dll or not.

    I haven't tested that, but it might work.

  • Works like a charm.

    Thank you sir.