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Scheduled logout

In order to introduce new security features and enhance your experience with Opera Forums we had to terminate all sessions that were started before Monday, March 25, 15:00 UTC.
If you find yourself logged out please rest assured that this is completely normal and expected. To participate in the discussions after that date you have to sign-in again using the "Login" button.
Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Had To Uninstall Opera - Opening Multiple Instances

  • Finally had to uninstall Opera yesterday for good. It keeps opening multiple instances of itself on my personal desktop. These can only be seen in task manager but they were slowing my PC. Thus the reason I checked the task manager. Also, I had an uninstall and reinstall Opera a month ago. Before if I opened Opera the system tray icon would become the current Opera. After reinstall the system tray icon used to launch Opera stayed put and another instance of Opera would be my main instance. So I had two system tray icons of Opera. But still it did not malfunction until yesterday where it would open up to six instances of itself. Those extra instances would not appear openly. I could only see them in my task manager.

  • This is how Chromium worms, it opens one process for each thing.

    So it opens one process for the browser it seems, one for each tab, one for each extension and so on.

  • Are you saying anything with a Chromium base will act up when uninstalled and the reinstalled? I guess I never tried to uninstall and reinstall Chrome so idk.

  • Any browser based on Chromium will use multiple processes.

    And being Opera one of them...

  • Are you saying anything with a Chromium base will act up when uninstalled and the reinstalled?

    No. All Chromium based browser have multiple instances. That is how they work. It is normal, not a bug or failure.

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