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Opera stopped playing iHeart Radio???

  • Ever since I installed Opera, which has been quite awhile now, I have listened to my favorite radio shows in IHeart Radio. No problem. Then 3 days ago, I click on my browser link that's been there forever, and it loads, but started playing in slow motion.

    I contacted iHeart Radio and was told the problem is my Opera Browser, that is does not support iHeart Radio:

    Thanks for getting back to us. From the information provided it sounds like you may be using Opera which is not currently a browser that iHeartRadio supports. If this is the case, I’d recommend trying an alternative browser by using the links I’ve provided below.

    Internet Explorer 11 (requires Windows 7 or higher)
    Mozilla Firefox
    Google Chrome

    Why could I play iHeart radio all this time and now it just suddenly stops? Is there a way to make it work? I do not want to go to any other browser.

  • All of a sudden my i hart will not play on Opera tried everything now no. I noticed that they changed their home page is that the problem?

  • Same issue here, nothing on iHeartRadio works anymore but it still works in Chrome. Audio does play in Opera but its garbled / slow motion.

  • This is still an issue. Any solutions?

  • Just tested again with the latest version. iHeartRadio still doesn't work (works fine in chrome)

    Version: 41.0.2353.69 - Opera is up to date
    Update stream: Stable
    System: Windows 10 64-bit (WoW64)

  • try the beta/developer version.

  • I can confirm the 'slow motion' audio issue in stable and beta, but it seems to work in Developer 43.

  • There are a lot of sites that hate Opera...Words With Friends on Facebook ("...we have discontinued support for Opera XX"), for one, and for another (won't play videos).

    Too bad...Opera's one of the best browsers that you can still tweak to your heart's content (unlike many others, such as Chrome (disabled "non-Play Store apps"), or Internet Exploder (worst broswer ever)).

    Opera's not going anywhere, so the site owners that refuse to work for Opera better pull their heads out of their @$$es and get with the program.