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  • Hello. I recently upgraded Opera for Windows to version 40.0.2308.81. Now, it seems Opera Turbo runs much slower than it did before. My parents have an advertised speed of about 640kbps, which is slow. Opera Turbo now makes pages not load. I was wondering what has changed. Thanks!

  • I have a similar problem although started on a previous version. Won't load pages from start page. Reloaded Opera 40 and still the same issue with Turbo. Being in a rural area it was great to get faster loading of pages and with limited internet the savings on data was awesome. What can I do to fix this?

  • Reloaded Opera 40 and still the same issue with Turbo

    So you have an unrelated issue. Please open a new topic to discuss it.

  • Opera Turbo now makes pages not load

    Do the pages load with Turbo turned off? Those are secure pages?

  • Yes, the pages load and much more quickly with Turbo turned off. Before that was not the case. And they are not secure pages.

  • Keep in mind that we upgrade Turbo and Mini servers independently of the browsers, so when something does not work as before, it not necessarily connected to browser upgrade.

    Anyway, can you give some more details? Especially:

    • can you give some examples of the pages you tried and work slowly?
    • can you find any pages that work faster?
    • what country are you from?
    • what is your network operator? Is this a cellular network, WiFi, WiMax or something different?
  • I've installed Opera fresh and turned Turbo On but there is a big difference between On/Off. Off is on my Opera faster. How can it be?

    Tested on this site

  • How can it be?

    Do you have a (very) slow Internet connection?
    If not, then Turbo will probably make it looks slow.