Questionnaire on the Acceptance of Peking Opera in English

  • Hello dear friends, i am helping my professor do a study on the acceptance of Peking Opera in English, and we need English speakers, native speakers in particular, to fill out a questionnaire. Here is the link
    Welcome to forward this to your friends and post it on your Facebook or Wechat Moments. Thank you
    大家好,我需要一些说英语的外国人,尤其是以英语为母语的人帮忙填一份关于京剧的调查问卷,我老师做研究用,链接是 欢迎帮忙转发扩散,谢谢!

  • I think you need to try somewhere else ... this forum is for users of the Opera web browser, not for opera. not that we may not have a few opera lovers here, but no more than any other unrelated site.

  • @michelle06w

    questionnaire completed and submitted, as requested.

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