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  • I have a new PC and would like to transfer the Labels in Opera Mail on the old PC to the new PC. Is there a file that I could copy and send to the new PC?

  • Best option would be to copy the whole mail folder to the new computer.

  • The way to do it is to copy "C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\Opera Mail\Opera Mail" and "C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\Opera Mail\Opera Mail" (creating the local\Opera Mail and Roaming\Opera Mail folders first if they're not there so you can copy to them) to the new computer to the exact same spots *before* you install Opera Mail on the new computer.

    Then, just for good measure, still before you install Opera Mail, edit "C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\Opera Mail\Opera Mail\operaprefs.ini" and remove any line (the whole line including the setting= part) that has a path in it so that Opera uses the default path for that setting. The exception to this is the "Mail Root Directory" setting under the "[Mail]" section. If you put your "mail" folder at a spot different from "C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\Opera Mail\Opera Mail\mail", then you'll want to leave that setting there and make sure the path is correct.

    Then, download the Opera Mail installer, launch it, click "options", set "install path" to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Opera Mail", set "install for" to "All Users" and install.

    It's really simple. It just sounds long in words.

    If you do that, it'll be like Opera Mail was always on the new system and you won't have to do anything like create your accounts or import accounts or create your labels again etc.

    If you've already installed and used Opera Mail and you still have the folders from the old computer, you delete the ones on the current computer and try the steps above. If you use POP though and already used Opera Mail on the new computer with "leave messages on the server" unchecked, those new messages will be missing after you set Opera Mail up again. In this case, save the "mail" folder for this Opera Mail and then you can import those few messages.

  • Or, if you just want your labels back, you can copy them from index.ini in the mail folder on the old computer to the new index.ini on the new computer.

    In index.ini, you look for the:

    [Index N]

    sections where N is the number for the label you want. Search for name= under the section to find the name of the label, so you know what section is for what label.

    You select all the sections you want and paste them at the end of the new index.ini. But, before you paste them, you have to edit their numbers to follow along consecutively with the indexes that are already in the new index.ini. Then, you update the index count at the top of the new index.ini to reflect the new number of total index sections. You have to do this while Opera is closed.

    This will copy the rules for a label too. If you every had "learn rules from labeled messages" set for a label that you're copying over, you'll need to copy over the "filter" folder from the old mail folder.

    The rules should automatically run for the labels and grab messages. But, if they don't, for each label, go into its properties and change something and close out to get the rules to run. Then, go back in and change whatever you changed back.

    What this way does not do though is put messages in those labels that you manually added to those labels in the old install. You'll have to relabel these messages.

  • Great posts. I thank you all very much.