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Update with UI toggle, language/country picker and more

  • What was the trick for the post with the photo previews, was it the underline thing?

    Take a look here, it includes a guide on how to include thumbmails on the posts.

    Thanks leo, already done that before (check 🙂 I don't know what happened this time, the preview was showing the images just fine like in the above link, then by pressing post I got the message "flagged for moderation". I assume something was wrong with the underlines as sgunhouse explained, I guess we 'll see next time 😛

  • then by pressing post I got the message "flagged for moderation". I assume something was wrong with the underlines

    What triggers the spam filter will always be a mistery.

  • Eh, can you do your testing in a dedicated thread, folks? There's for instance.

  • Alright so after some extended use (build 108356) I firstly have to say that the browser does not hang anymore while using the tab selector, which is a big thing (although I 'd wish it wouldn't take that long for being fixed)

    Some things that are missing and totally needed and should be brought over from Opera for Desktop or Mini:

    • Auto-filling of forms on webpages -> for convenience and productivity, highly needed.
    • Privacy options "do not track", "predict network actions" and "prediction service for completing URLs".
      -> Because it's somehow contradicting Opera caring for privacy with VPN services and the like and not having those.
    • An extra entry for deleting cache from inside the app for reasons
      ->of convenience (not having to do 10 actions to go to Android's app manager and do it from there)
      ->to separate cookies & login data from problematic pages that had been broken for some reason or two and the only way to fix them is to clear the browser cache.
    • The obligatory "Night mode with reduced eye strain" for reading at night.

    About Bookmarks:

    When browsing the bookmarks I very often don't know where I am in the tree, so I'd like the folder's name to be shown where now "Parent folder" is, (in bold if possible like Mini does) with an extra squarish "UP" Folder icon to the right, to go to the parent folder. Also the spacing is still very big in my opinion, when I see my bookmarks in Mini I feel comfortly, here I feel annoyed and distracted.

    Those for now from the back of my head, more to follow, and the other things about the red banner, etc are still valid 🙂

  • Could you please implement dark theme option to set as default? It may look like incognito mode. Current default theme is too bright! It burns eyes...

    Btw. When I open a new tab I would like the Speed Dial to be displayed. Using home button seems a bit counter-intuitive.

  • Plus one. Id love a dark theme. Its my dream since the begining of opera mobile.

    Icognito mode has a pretty nice theme. :yes:

    When u have open saved pages pane and open some of saved one then press back button to close this page and select another one from saved this action (press back button) throws you to speed dial page not previous (saved pages) pane. Before update it works perfectly,now it sucks. You have to on amd on open saved pages pane when you wanna read saved pages... Logic in it? 😃

  • What about to add side scroll bar to show current position?

    <a href='' target='_blank'>

  • Beta 37.3.2192.109350 Android 5.1 Verizon Ellipsis 10 tablet in Tablet mode

    Although there are a few things I like better in the stable version, I suspect part of that is simply that I'm used to the stable version.

    About the only thing I see wrong with the newest beta is that SD tabs are placed before existing tabs; bookmark tabs are placed after. While I like the new tabs after existing, I can live with either method, but it should be consistent.

  • I don't like the new UI layout.

    The option button that contains setting, data saving and find in page should remain at the bottom right corner. Moving it to the top makes it harder to operate with one hand.

    Home button should contain speed dial, history, offline pages, bookmarks and download tabs.

    Feed channels can occupy top right corner because it's the least pushed button.

    Night mode and encoding options would be great.

  • I dont really care for the new ui layout. There should be a dark mode. Users should have The option of chopsomg different layout "themes" The options button should have stayed at the bottom. Also page don't stay loadeded when switching between tabs.

  • Beta 37.4.2192.109775 Android 5.1 Verizon Ellipsis 10 Tablet in tablet mode

    Can't sign in to Opera forums. Clicking Sign in brings up the signin page, but after redirect, forum still shows Sign in button. Opera sync, however shows me signed in. I had to post this from stable Opera.

  • Beta 37.4.2192.109775 Android 5.1 Verizon Ellipsis 10 Tablet in tablet mode
    Posted from stable Opera (see previous comment)

    Don't know where to post this complaint. Just looked at two headlines from News feed; body of both articles says Snopes thinks these are from fake news sites and are probably hoaxes.

    I think there should be a separate category for possible hoaxes or an indicator on headline that indicates possible hoax. Since people only look at headlines a lot of the time, this makes it look like Opera is trying to slant the news.