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  • Recently, I started to receive "out of memory" messages while using beta version 41.0.2349.0. Using Windows 7 Pro with 16G of memory, 1T hard drive. Sometimes only 1 website tab is open, no other programs are running and I still receive the "out of memory message." I do a retry to reload the webpage and still get the message. What might be causing this and how can it be fixed? Thank you.

    Message: Either Opera ran out of memory or the process for the webpage was terminated for some other reason.
    Try reloading the page or navigate to another page to continue. Reload this page.

  • Does it only happen on certain websites or all websites?

  • Does Opera's task manager shows any unusual use of memory?

    Do you use any extensions?

  • I have the same problem. Only had it happen on, and cant see any unusual use of memory when it happens.

  • Same to me. It happens on only, another streaming services like Youtube are ok.
    Win10 the latest update. i7-5820k, gtx970, 16gb ram.

  • Yes, I have this problem aswell. Memory is leaking. This is happening for multiple weeks now, can't pinpoint the occurence of it exactly. There were threads to it already blaming extensions.

    I have this problem with any extensions disabled on my desktop and my laptop. Both running Windows 10 64bit and Opera beta (alwayst up2date).

  • I have this problem either. Is there any solution to fix it?

  • +1, version 43.0.2412.0 and previous one.
    This has sth to do with GPU process, as after this message it crashes/is restarted. After this restart it takes only 20-25MB of RAM.
    Further problem - after displaying "oom" message currently opened windows are unusable. Pages are not rendered. Links can be clicked, but the only thing visible is white screen and sometimes some visual distortions. As I have like 12 windows with various amount of tabs in them, the only thing to do is either restart or kill all the processes and re-open needed cards in new window.

    It happens on ALL pages. Mileage varies. after killing processes for older cards, refreshing 5 tabs and starting from that point gave me ~2hours of browsing. Allowing all the cards to reload - max 15-30mins.