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Is Opera Mini 19 spying on me?

  • Every time I restart Opera Mini 19 after system reboot (phone off overnight or longer) my network log monitors more than 1.5 MB background traffic.

    Most of it is upload, FROM my phone to Opera's servers. Sync and News are off, no open tabs, and still unresponsive while consuming almost 2MB data account. Previous Beta versions showed similar activities, and I had questioned this behaviour in a previous thread without getting any answers or explanations from Opera about these suspicious activities.

    This is totally unacceptable, moving back to Mini 18 as it was fine. Without any satisfying answers from Opera I'm considering to drop Mini altogether after many years and countless recommendations.

  • Hello, When Android starts, some apps have a line of code telling Android to start after boot. This helps on faster app launching. As for it sending Network Data, It might be retrieving data for the news feed and/or looking for sites that support notifications IF you have a site that does so like Facebook. If you're worried, you can use Opera max and block Opera from using the Network on Mobile Data.

    If you have any questions, please respond back. (I am not an Opera employee, but a user)

  • @operaolaf:
    please re-read my post. I have no problems w/ Android's autostart and I use AFWall+ to control internet access, monitored by Network Log with BitShark or cSploit in the background.

    According to my logs Mini sends 1.8 megabyte of data from my phone to Opera's servers after being started without any other user input.

    Permissions are restricted using XPrivacy to Internet, Storage and Clipboard; all Google services are deleted or deactivated, no Facebook.

    I am waiting for Opera to explain what Mini is doing here, and why without techno babble or legalese, no excuses.

  • @cubot There is an Alarm service fired by Opera Mini named
    "com.opera. OSPUploaderAlarmService" that wasn't there before iirc... could that be the culprit? Or is part of Usage Statistics, but then again that is disabled and still this Alarm keeps getting fired.

  • @arkydon:

    Many thanks, might test with the Mini 20 beta.

    I'm quite fed up and annoyed by the way Opera Mini is going at the moment. A lot of cosmetics and shifting buttons from here to there, while neglecting user privacy concerns and grabbing android permissions and user data for a sellout.

    Or interfering with my installation by spamming the speed dials with payed-for link suggestions that I had already deleted after installation.

    Back to Mini 17 in the meantime, and might go even backer 😉

  • @cubot, this is most probably part of our experiment we perform to measure performance of users network - it is not any user's data collection. The experiment is performed only on beta users, so if you don't want to participate, please switch to stable version.

    As for Speed Dials - the ones you delete should not be added again, so it's definitely a bug. Once this happens again, please go to from your phone and submit a bug report. Please include your country, mobile operator and which Speed Dial was added again. Thank you for reporting.

  • @mbaluta:

    many thanks for your clarification. that eases my paranoia considerably.

    currently running mini 20 beta, which is behaving well. your bug hunters hate me already for the number of tickets i'm sending in 😉

    thanks again.

  • A lot of cosmetics and shifting buttons from here to there, [...]

    Hi @cubot! As you know, we have millions of users on the stable product. The beta user group is pretty large as well, but in order to deliver a good stable product, we need to run different experiments in the beta. Sometimes it's about shifting button locations, and sometimes it's about testing a completely new feature or measuring network performance. You will often face incomplete translations, and more bugs than the stable product.

    On the positive side, you will always be running the latest version of Opera Mini, when using the beta. As @mbaluta said, if you prefer a more stable product, we'd be happy to have you as a user on the (non-beta) Opera Mini instead. 🙂

  • @twallstrom

    since dscovering mini 4.0 in '08 it has been on all my mobiles. no problems getting used to different ui or layouts, but very privacy conscious.

    imo this was always the killer argument for mini over any other mobile browser, apart from speed and data savings.

    i sincerely hope it stays that way rather than being sold out to data mining and marketing.

    sorry for the ranting and many thanks for your reply.