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Addonjet after install of extension

  • I made this thread recently:

    I implemented the suggestion of nostromo1965 in my Opera browser and now I have some malware 'addonjet' turning up in my search engine results.

    Seems it was lurking in the code for the extension.

  • Seems like a pain in the ass to remove too.

  • Typically, Addon Jet installs itself as an add-on/extension into your browser (from being bundled with some other sought-after program download, as you've already discovered). However, in some cases it may embed itself even deeper into the system. Ordinarily, a user should follow several steps to get it off their system.

    1. Uninstall Addon Jet from Windows program listing.
    2. Check the browser's add-ons/extensions and delete Addon Jet if it's present.
    3. Use the latest versions of both Malwarebytes and HitmanPro to remove any embedded portions left on the system.
    4. Check your browser shortcuts (right click a desktop icon and select Properties; right click a Taskbar browser icon, again right click the browser's name in the pop-up menu, and select Properties) to make sure an Addon Jet URL-address hasn't been appended to the end of the command at "Target". If such a URL is present, delete just the URL address that's been added.
  • Just a tip: If possible, don't install extensions that are not from the browser's add-ons store, unless you know and trust the source

  • Addon Jet doesn't appear in the windows program list.

    "Check the browser's add-ons/extensions and delete Addon Jet if it's present." If it's malware it's unlikely to make itself easy to disable or uninstall.

    I've uninstalled the extension referenced above and it seems to have solved the problem - the google search results don't seem to be compromised now but I will run the scans recommended just to be on the safe side.


  • I run Superantispyware most days all the time and delete whatever it flags up.

  • Just a tip: If possible, don't install extensions that are not from the browser's add-ons store, unless you know and trust the source

    That tip is excellent, and actually ought to be a personal-policy rule for all users.

    However, users sometimes don't realize an extension will be installed with certain unrelated software they've downloaded for installation. Often, freeware downloads come bundled with adware or even malware programs. Too often, users don't realize their OK to install a desired program also allows the bundled adware to be installed - sometimes as a browser extension. There are many dozens of examples of this besides the Addon Jet example here.

    Great caution and careful reading should always be used before giving an OK to install any downloaded freeware program (particularly from general freeware sites) so as to avoid any bundled software, if an opt-out is even given. If one still elects to proceed with such a freeware installation, one of the user's first acts afterward should be to check their browser for a new unsought extension, especially in their default and/or currently-active browser, and to remove that extension.

  • I ran malwarebytes and it found a few things although nothing which appeared too serious but I deleted them all anyway.

    I also ran hitmanpro. It found a load of stuff but then wanted to charge me to remove them all.

    PROBLEM (write dodgy programs to infect people's computers)
    REACTION (me wasting valuable time running around my computer)
    SOLUTION (write the code to fix the infection and charge people for it).

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