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Opera 40 - Unable to viw PDFs (can only dl)

  • Hello. Opera 40 on Windows 7 - I cannot view PDF files; upon clicking on a file link, the 'save as' box comes up right away (I can only save the file, not view it). When I hover over the file link, the hints dialogue says 'opens pdf in a new window', but it doesn't.

    The PDF Viewer plugin is listed on the opera:plugins page and is enabled. It says "Chrome PDF Viewer", and indicates there are 2 files. There is only an enable/disable button (no options, no other information). I have tried disabling then re-enabling it with no change.

    Have also tried disabling all extensions, also disabling both the ad blocker and VPN, but none of that makes any difference. In Settings, have tried all of the plugins options and hat doesn't make any difference either. Not running in Turbo.

    What am I missing here? Why can I only download (save to my HD) PDF files, instead of viewing them? I work a lot with pdf files and really need this to work - any help will be appreciated.


  • Addendum: Just noticed the 'details' tab on the upper right of the plugins page, and set it to show details ...

    The 2 Chrome PDF Viewer types listed there are 'Browser Plugin' (MIME type application/pdf), and 'PPAPI (out-of-process)'MIME type application/x-google-chrome-pdf. Both are enabled. The Browser Plugin file lists a location, at chrome-extension://longstringof letters; the PPAPI lists its location as 'internal-pdf-viewer'.

    There. That's all the info I can muster up. I hope someone can help me get this working.


  • Does it happens with all PDF files? Or it happens just with ones from specific sites?

  • Thanks - apparently not, although I had thought so. I'd assumed it was happening with everything, because the 10 or so I had tried all failed, and yet I could view all of them in Chrome with no problem.

    I've just tested a whole bunch more, though, and have found some that do in fact open for viewing. I've no idea how to determine what the difference is between ones that work and ones that don't. Of the ones that don't, though, all of them are fine in Chrome.

    If they all can be viewed in another browser, does that then point to something with the Opera viewer as the problem? Or ...?

    (I really don't want to have to go back to Chrome!)

    Thanks for the help.

  • It appears this problem is primarily occurring on secure (https) websites - afaik I can view pdfs on non-secure sites with no problem, but on the secure sites I can only save/dl the file.

    Have gone through and changes all settings to just about every option available without success. My settings in Opera are substantially the same as those in Chrome, but I can view the files in Chrome but not in Opera.

    Anyone having the same problem? Any ideas?